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4 Reasons You Should Add The Plank To Your Workout Schedule

4 Reasons You Should Add The Plank To Your Workout Schedule

The plank, is one of the most underrated strength exercises out there. From strengthening your abdominal muscles, to eliminating back pain, its benefits can’t be overstated; for a routine that takes less than five minutes and requires no instruments, sleeping on the plank, is not a health move you want to make.

So, let’s get to it, here are four reasons to add the plank to your workout schedule:

  1. Eliminates back pain

Most jobs require workers to sit at desks for eight hours a day. This position is unnatural and can weaken your spine, and cause all sorts of discomfort, chief among which is the ubiquitous back pain. The aim of a plank, is to strengthen your core muscles, which include your back. Holding yourself in a plank position for a minute every day strengthens your back muscles, and counteracts the effects of sitting for too long. That said, abstinence is the best medicine; if you can’t avoid sitting for hours on end, at least take regular walks, let blood flow through your body, and let your spine straighten out.

  1. It improves balance

Your core muscles are your body’s center of stability, the more stable they are, the sturdier you are on your feet, and the better your balance is, since your legs are aided by your strengthened core muscles.

  1. It improves posture

A good posture communicates, strength and self-assurance; the strength and alignment of your core muscles, dictate your posture. A strong core, leads to a confident posture, likewise, a weak core, leads to a slouched, and weak posture.

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  1. It burns more calories than sit ups

Unlike sit ups, which include split second breaks during the process, planks include no breaks, and this causes a continuous increase in the number of calories burned during the process, and continues this calorie burning process, even after your work out has ended. This gives an added metabolic boost.

If you don’t know how to do a plank, watch this video to learn the basics, and remember, start at a pace you can consistently maintain.

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