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10 Ways to Embrace Happy Moments

10 Ways to Embrace Happy Moments


Check out these 10 ways to fully embrace the happy moments.

Will yourself towards happiness. The idea of happiness starts from within and is a conscious decision. Just like pairing an outfit with the proper accessories, decide that happiness looks good on you regardless of the circumstances and remain committed to the mindset.

Acknowledge and celebrate your happy moments. Oftentimes people take joyful experiences for granted, while devoting an ungodly amount of time and energy to things that pose a threat to the condition of their nerves and hair follicles. But it’s perfectly OK to get high off your own happy supply. Sometimes, it is a struggle to be the star player of your life and the cheerleader, but I’ve found that celebrating random happy moments throughout each day fuels my ability to maintain a healthy outlook on life.

Reward yourself for progress. Day at the spa? Shopping for a cute new ‘fit for a weekend turn-up session with the girls? Yes, please! The effort it takes to continuously wade through the muckiness of day-to-day life shouldn’t be minimized. Find a reason to treat yourself for making it through the fire. Even if you did end up with a few superficial burns, you made it and that should count for something.

Keep track of your happy moments. Jot them down on a calendar, a note pad, or write them down and store them in a jar. Looking back on these successes will keep them from getting lost in the fray which will in turn help you see how far you’ve come and give you the confidence that you can and will keep going.

Find the lesson in every failure. It’s easy to dismiss this suggestion with an eye-roll, but trust that it’s not about ignoring the fact that failure occurs and absolutely sucks. However, making a habit out of refocusing your mind on what you learned from a situation allows you to stockpile lessons that can be used as ammunition against future obstacles.

Smile. Aside from making you look extra fab on Instagram, smiling has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. As crazy as it sounds, smiling during a mile-long run helped me move past feeling like I was on the brink of death. It was definitely a struggle smile, but surprisingly it made me feel more positive about the fact that I hadn’t given up yet, which in turn, willed me to the finish line.

Make time for happiness. While scheduling appointments with your hair stylist, or arranging your evening activities around the latest episode of Tinsel, making an appointment with happiness should also be on the priority list. Pencil in activities that bring you in order to meet your happy quota because if the supply runs low, your spirit will quickly grow weary of functioning on fumes.

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Don’t embrace the struggle. Realize that not every happy moment is the product of a struggle. Sometimes you simply feel good. However, venturing into the dark crevices of your mind to seek out life’s next disaster will only diminish positive experiences. Take the moment for what it’s worth and ignore the temptation to guilt yourself into believing that you don’t deserve happiness, or that it always comes with a price.

Don’t jump ahead. Remain in the here and now. Don’t spend time fretting over whether tomorrow will live up to what puts a smile on your face today. Allowing yourself to enjoy being on top for the moment will serve as motivation to keep the pursuit of happiness in your line of vision.

Keep a happy crowd. Let the haters and naysayers who thrive off negativity do their dirty deeds where they belong– on the sidelines. Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who enjoy seeing you at your best.

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