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tw Recipe: Fried Fresh Fish Stew

tw Recipe: Fried Fresh Fish Stew

This simple stew can be eaten with almost any carbohydrate and can last for months in the freezer! Great for your pocket right? Try it and thank us later 🙂


Cleaned croaker steaks (seasoned with salt and fish seasoning)

Blended tomatoes, onions, Red capsicum (shombo) and Scotch bonnet (Atarodo)

Tomato puree

Vegetable oil


Curry powder

All purpose seasoning

Salt to taste


Fry your well seasoned croaker steaks and set aside

Pour the blended pepper in a pot and add your seasoning and salt to taste

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Put in your tomato puree and stir

Cover and leave pepper to cook for about 5 minutes

Sieve the oil that the fish was fried in to remove any bits and pour some of the oil into the pot of pepper on the hob

Stir and cover till sauce thickens up a bit (about 3 mins)

Stir again and add your fried croaker steaks

Let simmer for 2 mins and stew’s ready

Best served with boiled yam or steamed white rice.

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