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8 Exciting Places You Can Visit While Vacationing on a Budget in Lagos

8 Exciting Places You Can Visit While Vacationing on a Budget in Lagos

where to visit in lagos

Rumour has it that you’re trying to figure out where to visit in Lagos. Well, you have come to the right place. As bustling as the city of Lagos, it can be hard to navigate. From all the activities to the hot spots, you can easily get turned around and confused. So how can we help?

Shortlisting the places to go will be next to impossible – there are just too many great places to visit. But what we have done is narrow down the kinds of places you should definitely visit. Lagos has no shortage when it comes to these spots and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Here are some pointers for going to any one of the locations though;

  • Always carry cash. Yes, Lagos can be expensive and not exactly the best when it comes to going cashless. Have some spare change just in case of emergencies.
  • Go with friends – preferably those who know the Lagos scene. They will serve as great guides when it comes to non-verbal cues and the general mode of operations.
  • Be ready for anything! Much like Vegas, Lagos can really take you on a wild ride. One minute you’re on the beach, the next thing you find yourself at the club on a rooftop.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – no special reason, just to be comfy.
  • Always carry identification & be aware of day-to-day rules & regulations. Lagos, much like almost everywhere else in the world, can be unsafe so being able to identify yourself and stand for your basic rights will help.

That being said, here is a list of where to visit in Lagos this holiday without breaking the bank


where to visit in lagos


If there’s anything Lagos has in shortage, it isn’t beaches. Lagos has a spectacular array of beaches to choose from, ranging from plain to classy. If the feel of sand under your feet and the scent of salt from the cool sea breeze give you goose pimples, then beaches in Lagos are sure to provide you with a magical vacation experience. Plus, this December, so many beach parties are taking place, simply check Instagram with the hashtag #LagosBeachParty

Art Galleries

where to visit in lagos

If you’re a fan of art, then you’re sure to be dazzled by this option. Notable art galleries like the Nike Art Gallery in Victoria Island are sure to give you an art-gasmic experience.


where to visit in lagos

Soak up some of Lagos’rich history at the museum. They’re the perfect marriage of relaxation, adventure, and learning, making it the ideal spot to visit in the company of your kids or friends. The National Museum at Onikan or the Badagry Slave Museum are great places to tick off your museum bucket list during a vacation. And if you’re in search of something extra spicy, then the Kalakuta Museum is the place to satisfy your hunger.


where to visit in lagos

Resorts are just the place to go if you’re looking for where to visit in Lagos to unwind and indulge in a few pleasures. With the finest selection of food, drinks, and music available there, your body is sure to get into the vacation spirit. The best part about most resorts in Lagos is that they come with a view of the beach and music to complete the fabulous experience. You can check out the Inagbe Grand Resort at Lekki Phase 1 or the Epe Resorts & Spa.


where to visit in lagos

What’s a vacation without a splurge, right? Malls are sure to feature among the stops you’ll be making on your vacation. There’s an exciting variety of things you can do at the mall, with a great range of options from food and games to beauty treatments and, of course, shopping.


where to visit in lagos

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Picnics? Relaxation? Fun? Parks effortlessly serve for all three purposes, and they are the perfect spot to hit up if you’re looking to vacay in a group.\


where to visit in lagos

Movies are not a bad idea during a vacation. Luckily, there’s a cinema at virtually every turn in Lagos, so you don’t have to go a long distance to locate one. Silverbird, Genesis, FilmHouse, among other quality cinemas might be just what you need to give your vacation that rounded experience. Movies also make for a great reference point to your vacation tours, not to mention perfect date locations.

Nature Reserves

where to visit in lagos

What better way to unwind than to get in tune with nature and take in some of Mother Earth’s goodness? You can fascinate yourself with the lengthy canopy walk at the Lekki Conservation Centre while enjoying the breath-taking scenery, along with a view of beautiful birds, monkeys, and some endangered species in their natural habitat.

If you think that’s all, you’d be mistaken. We’ve just run out of time. We hope you enjoyed this list of where to visit in Lagos and enjoy Lagos as much as we do.

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