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7 Nigerian Fashion Designers Chimamanda Brought to our Consciousness

7 Nigerian Fashion Designers Chimamanda Brought to our Consciousness

In May 2017, Chimamanda Adichie, a renowned Nigerian author, launched the “Wear Nigerian” project by promoting the project through her Instagram page (chimamanda_adichie). Her aim was to bring awareness to local Nigerian designers by wearing their outfits at public event making them go from obscurity to popularity. Out of the 40 designers she featured, these top seven caught our eyes. Each of these designers were unique and different but all had one thing in common. They were youthful, trendy, urban and chic. Here we have listed the top seven designers showcasing their work and information about them.

The Ladymaker

The Ladymaker is a Nigerian lifestyle brand that caters to the modern Nigerian woman. Launched in 2015, they offer Ready-to-Wear womenswear and Made-to-Measure services.

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Instagram: @theladymaker

The Muse Factory

The Muse Factory is a Ready-to-Wear and Couture fashion line. The brand is for women who want to take fashion risks as almost each and every pair of their outfits have something unique and different that you will not see on a regular day attire

Instagram: @themusefactory_


Zohi Taglit

Zohi Taglit is a Ready-to-Wear fashion brand that is “inspired by Nigerian and Isreali fashion and places emphasis on simplicity and a positive outlook”

Instagram: @zohi_taglit

Mae Otti

MAE OTTI is a Ready-To-Wear fashion label that focuses “on a penchant for good tailoring, fine lines and minimal designs combined with bold colors, shapes and timeless silhouettes”


Instagram: @mae_otti

Lola Baej

Lola Bae is a Ready-to-Wear fashion collection created by Lola Agbaje. Lola Baej is a simple yet sophisticated brand and can be worn by any woman to give her an elegant modern touch.

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Instagram: @lolabaej

Ladunni Lambo

Ladunni Lambo is a Ready-to-Wear fashion line. The designs are young and hip but still have a flare of elegance in it.

Instagram: @ladunnilambo


2207byTBally is a Ready-to-Wear modern-chic fashion line created by Tolu Bally. 2207byTBally designs are both fashionable and tasteful.

Which of these designers do you think is the next big fashion name?

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