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5 Five Ass-Kicking Nigerian Females Cover Our Special Issue with Under40CEOs!

5 Five Ass-Kicking Nigerian Females Cover Our Special Issue with Under40CEOs!

TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover

Happy New Year! At TW, we’re starting the year with some bad-ass inspiration. For our 1st Special Issue of the year, Under40CEOs is celebrating 5 women who are shining no matter what.

TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover


Folawe Omikunle, Ukinebo Dare, Adaora Mbelu, Adetola Juyitan and Wunmi Williams all attained great heights in their personal businesses before turning 40. And in this special issue for Under40CEOs we get insight through their success tips they share, which show that you can do like them if you get your sass on and be unapologetic about going for it.

Adetola Juyitan TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover Folawe Omikunle TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover Adaora Mbelu TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover Wunmi WIlliams TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover

Ain’t no stopping you now and age is definitely not a factor, which is what drove, Familusi Akin Babajide (FAB) to create the platform for successful under40CEOs to network and mentor others. He answers TEN questions on why.

We also dive into one of the top Google searches in the world today – how to find a job in a pandemic. Ukinebo Dare, the Managing Director of the Edo State Skills development Agency shares top tips you definitely should see.

We didn’t forget fashion so we invite you to gift yourself YOU, as you wrap yourself in the yummy designs by Hertunba… You are worthy!

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TW Magazine Under40CEOs Cover


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