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“No Women Allowed”! Does this Tweet by Nana-Aisha Salaudeen Prove Sexism Still Exists in Nigeria?

“No Women Allowed”! Does this Tweet by Nana-Aisha Salaudeen Prove Sexism Still Exists in Nigeria?

Sexism in Nigeria

If you’ve ever wondered if sexism in Nigeria exists, we’re about to give you some insight. Yesterday, Sunday 8th November 2020, CNN Africa Journalist & Producer, Nana-Aisha Salaudeen shared a tweet that has now gone viral. In her thread, she described how she and a friend were “kicked out” of a Lagos-based restaurant. And her statement has revived conversations around sexism in Nigeria.

According to Salaudeen, she has frequented the restaurant on several occasions, but this time around was told “no women allowed.”. See her tweets below;

Her tweets have made its rounds with many mixed reactions. From men and women sharing similar experiences to those who think the restaurants decision is well within reason.

Here are a few reactions below;

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In an interview with, the Manager of Harzoyka (the restaurant in question) shared why their new policy was put in place. According to AllNews he said “that female customers occupy spaces for two to three hours in the restaurant, ordering only bottled water or a drink, while high-profile customers won’t get seats when they arrive”. “He said Harzoyka entertains high profile guests that are always disturbed by the ladies, and the high profile guests don’t like it, “some people (high profile) like girls, some don’t like (the) girls.

When asked if he had explained this to their female customers, he said yes but they “always talk rubbish to him” and the company had “had enough“. He ended his interview with AllNews saying that he doesnt care about how the Nigerian government will react to their new policy – “they are disturbing my customers so I won’t allow it.

With how independent women have become, no matter the profession, we believe policies like these should never see the light of day. But what do you think? Does the restaurant have a point or is sexism in Nigeria more acceptable than we think?

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