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Monday Motivation: Your Success is Predictable!

Monday Motivation: Your Success is Predictable!

Monday Motivation

Have you ever heard of the “Iron Law of the Universe”? I know it sounds Game-of-Thrones-ish, but it’s pretty simple to understand. And it can be likened to the “Law of Cause & Effect” or sowing and reaping.

I first heard of this law in Brian Tracy’s book “No Excuses” which centres on the power of self-discipline. It basically states that “for every effect, there is s specific cause or series of causes.” And this simply means, whatever situation you’re experiencing today you either made it happen at some point in your life, or you’re allowing it to happen. Simply put, you get out what you put in. And this is where we’re focusing on today.

To predict your success, you have to do 1 simple thing, do what it takes to secure it. If you plant an apple seed, you’re not expecting to get mango or a tuber of yam, you’re expecting an apple. The same thing with success – if you put in what it takes to be successful, then you’re going to get success. Sow success habits reap success.

Now, you may be asking, how do I know what to sow? It’s simple. Take a look at your industry, no matter the industry you’re in. Then pick out the individuals who are successful in your industry. Watch their habits, what they’ve learned, how they execute, meet them if you have to – and emulate what they’ve done (within reason). According to Tracy, the law says – ‘If you want to achieve success in any area, you must determine how success is achieved in that area and then practice those skills and activities repeatedly until you achieve the same results.’

Success and failure do not happen by accident. They’re born out of the things you do and no not do. Every time you make a decision to work or not, you’re etching closer and closer to one or the other. And you always know which one. In order to ensure your success, you must do what it takes to succeed – and that’s how you predict it. Simple! It’s the “Iron Law of the Universe”.

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The greatest women and men of today did not just sit and think about being successful, they went out and made it happen. What about you?

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