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tw Fiction: Memoirs Of A Professional Bridesmaid

tw Fiction: Memoirs Of A Professional Bridesmaid

Memoirs of a Professional Brides Maid is an inside look at the shenanigans that come with planning a wedding. Nneka Ijeoma, the writer of this memoir, takes us on a journey through her different experiences as a Brides Maid and some as a Chief Brides Maid. Seeing as she has been on the Bridal train of quiet a number of friends, she considers herself expert opinion and rightfully so. The book explores the joy and pains of being on a bridal train. It promises to be hilarious and witty which it achieves, highlighting the sometimes-unrealistic requests of the Bride, the squabbles between the bridesmaids, the crazy expenses bridesmaids incur to please the friend getting married, the sometimes-incompetent vendors, the designers and makeup artists from hell, and many more scenarios around planning a wedding.

As someone who has never been on a bridal train or gotten married, it was interesting to see the different set of events that could play out when it’s my turn to be on the train. I found it interesting the way Nneka was able to capture the different types of bride’s maids and brides that one could encounter. She gave life to every one of her characters, so much so that I started comparing their personality traits to that of my own friends and wondering if my friend in question would have reacted the same way if faced with similar circumstances. With wit, humour, and a vivid description of events, I was able to paint a clear picture in my head and I found myself laughing as I read through every other page of the book.

Members of a Professional Bridesmaid was easy to read, was well written, and I could see the writer’s personality shine through in her writing and with her interaction with her friends. She comes across as very loving and sacrificial but also realistic and objective. She often referred to herself as modest but chic and I must confess, I was so drawn to her character that I went and searched for her Instagram page just to put a face to her experiences.

I loved that at the beginning of each chapter, there was a heading and a quote from the chapter it introduces and at the end of the chapter, there was a little tip at the bottom that had been drawn from the chapter.

The book is written as kind of a guideline on what to expect as a bridesmaid and even as a bride, and how to act when certain situations arise. One of the most occurring lessons in the book is not to take on financial responsibilities you cannot handle. It is okay to express yourself if you have gone over your budget for your friend’s wedding.

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If you are looking for an easy read and a good laugh, I would recommend this book. In my opinion, it appeals to women of all ages. It is a wholesome read and would definitely leave you with a tip or two to take home.

Review By: Kim Osunde

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