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I Read “Escape, by Margaret Adetimehin”

I Read “Escape, by Margaret Adetimehin”

Escape Margaret Adetimehin

TW’s ‘I Read’ column, discusses, reviews and shares opinions on books – fiction and non-fiction – written by Black Female Authors. 

In today’s debut article, our Online Editor will be sharing her thoughts and opinions on Escape by Margaret AdetimehinThis is one of an 8-book series situated within the exclusive, beautiful, expensive and romantic Twin Bliss Resort.

Escape is the story of Onahi Akachi and Lola Dade who are joined together by a chance encounter on Twin Bliss Resorts after Lola’s work husband breaks her heart and Onahi is wondering why a stranger is riding on his tab, occupying a villa reserved for an old friend. Sparks fly and the two get more than they bargained for.

Escape is a novel that speaks of heartbreak, betrayal, suspense, marriage, separation, sex and finally, love.

The Plot

Each Chapter is written from the POV of the two main characters at every point in time and when we say sparks fly, there are a number of steamy scenes which makes this novel definitely for readers 18 and above.

The novel starts off a bit slow when you pick it up but go past the intro pages and you’ll not want to let it go until you get to the last page

An intriguing aspect of the writing is how all the characters are in sync and merge across the 8 books in the series. Reading the synopsis of all the books, you will note that each of the characters given prominence in one way or the other, has their own story which we can look forward to reading in one of the other books.

Makes me feel like I haven’t finished because there are all the other stories of all the other characters that make up the entire full story of everyone and I’m the only one missing out.

The Protagonists

Onahi is not the typical rich boy, or entrepreneur we are familiar with who is all brass in public and even with friends until they are behind closed doors. He is seen to have some kind of obscure emotion even in his friendships as he shows concern for the relationships of his friends while remaining impartial through it all.

See Also

Lola is a bit obscure – a brand guru, and social media maven. We don’t really see that coming through a lot…but maybe that can be attributed to what we see as the norm of social media personalities in real life.

I think I did well without giving any spoilers right?

While I could not put down the book until the very last page and can’t wait to read other books in the series, 2 of you reading this review right here, right now, also get to take home one each of this book.

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