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What is the biggest makeup mistake that women make? Dimma Umeh, Ezinne Alfa and Yewande Thorpe answer this question.

What is the biggest makeup mistake that women make? Dimma Umeh, Ezinne Alfa and Yewande Thorpe answer this question.

If you are in the beauty community in Nigeria, Dimma Umeh (formerly known as That Igbo Chick), Ezinne Alfa(Beauty In Lagos) and Yewande Thorpe (She Loves The Finer Things) are names that need no introduction. These are beauty bloggers who are well respected in the beauty industry for their skill, knowledge, experience and all roundfabulousness!

TW had the pleasure of working with these three beauties for our March/April edition that is in stores nationwide. We asked each of them five beauty questions, and they were generous to give us the answers, which can be found in the edition.

To give you a sneak peek of the fabulous editorial, we have decided to share with you the answer that they all gave to one of the most asked beauty questions: What is the biggest makeup mistake that women make?


Using a foundation that is too light. I see that a lot here, even in stores. There is a very high probability that the sales rep will match you with a shade that is too light so please don’t let that happen. Store lighting can be really deceiving so make sure to confirm the shade in natural light first before paying money for.


Not applying an appropriate skin primer before their foundation, and wondering why their makeup doesn’t last long enough.


Using the wrong foundation shade and trust me this is a global problem particularly for women of colour. It is quite hard to find a foundation shade that matches your skin-tone by just having a store assistant eyeball your complexion. They often get it wrong because of store lighting amongst other things. Another mistake we make is comparing skin-tones, e.g. My friend Kemi and I have similar complexions and she is an NC50 so I go out to MAC and ask for the exact shade…It doesn’t work that way. Foundation matching is a trial and error process that requires patience because you may get bad matches until you eventually find one that works for you. 

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So, our beauty gurus have spoken: It is obvious that the biggest makeup mistakes women make are failure to prime their skin and choosing the wrong foundation shade.

We hope the tips they gave would be helpful to you the next time you decide to purchase a new foundation or primer.


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