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Three Fantastic Face Powders For As Low As N500!!

Three Fantastic Face Powders For As Low As N500!!

Are you looking for a face powder that looks great, stays all day, and does not make your wallet bleed?

I was until I found three that work just as well as my favourite MAC powder which is now going for as much as 15k!!!

I just had to share…

  1. Jose Face Powder

This is probably one of the best kept secrets in the beauty world. For between N500 – N800, you get a powder that not only covers all flaws and imperfections, but also lasts ALL DAY. It does not break on the T zone area like some other more expensive powders, and if you have oily skin, this powder is just perfect for you!! It also comes in four diverse shades (1,2,3 and 4) that cater to most skin tones of women of colour.

Quick Tip

For long lasting wear, apply with a flat top kabuki brush rather than the sponge that comes with the powder.

2. Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder

This powder will even out your skin tone and control shine for most of the day. You can find it in most beauty stores and it comes in about nine shades (warm honey, amber, golden, caramel, warm caramel, honey fawn, tan, bronze tan) for women of colour. It retails between N2,000 and N2,500.

Quick Tip

If you have oily skin and wear this powder alone, your face will get oily after a couple of hours. So, it is best to wear this powder with a mattifying primer/ foundation.

  1. Milani Mineral Compact Face Powder

This is a full coverage powder with a weightless feel and a flawless matte finish. It comes in three shades for women of colour (108,109 and 100) and can be found in most beauty stores. It retails between N3,500 – N4,000 depending on where you buy.

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Quick Tip

For even better coverage, use with the Milani 2 in I Foundation and Concealer or the Milani Secret cover concealer.

Have you used any of these powders/

What do you think?

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