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#LetsGoBareChallenge: Ask Dr. Vivian

#LetsGoBareChallenge: Ask Dr. Vivian

TW Magazine in partnership with Derma Care, Studio 54 and Samsung is currently running the #LetsGoBareChallege, where we are challenging women to post makeup free pictures on Instagram.

One of our aims is to promote healthy skin, and to do that, we will be running the ASK DR VIVIAN column on Friday for the next four weeks. In this column, Dr Vivian Oputa, renowned dermatologist and medical director of DermaCare Medical Ltd will answer the many questions our readers have on skin issues.

To kick of the series we asked Dr Vivian this question: What are five benefits of going bare (without makeup)?

Here is what she had to say.

These are the benefits of a Makeup Detox.

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We hope you learnt a lot from Dr Vivian’s answers.

Next week, we will be treating SKIN LIGHTENING so if you have any questions concerning this issue, send them to

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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