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5 Nigerian Beauty Gurus To Watch On Youtube

5 Nigerian Beauty Gurus To Watch On Youtube

For anyone trying to touch up their make-up skills without having to spend on attending make-up school, YouTube is the place for you. It’s the one place where you can learn almost every makeup trick, hack and tip in the universe!

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hundreds of Beauty Gurus from all over the world uploading videos every day!

But not to worry. We have identified 5 Nigerian Beauty Bloggers you have to watch on Youtube. They are all super talented in the art of makeup and they provide tips and tricks that work in the Nigerian climate! So, if you are in need of detailed directions on how to get those “fleeky” brows, or how to get that foundation to last in our humid heat, or colourful makeup to match that your gorgeous ankara headwrap, check out these Beauty Gurus!

Dimma Umeh

She is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger living in Nigeria. She does beauty and make up tutorials which are very easy and interesting to learn from. You can visit her website or subscribe to her YouTube channel. She posts new videos every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with over 103,000 subscribers.



Dodos Uvieghara is a make-up artist, beauty expert and fashion enthusiast.  Although she studied Economics at Crawford university, she has found her calling in the world of beauty and make-up. She is very popular for her very subtle but flawless make-up. She gives meaning to the term “Less is more”. She currently runs a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog called and a YouTube channel with over 9,000 subscribers.


Tony Olaoye

She is only 20 years old but has become a force to be reckoned with, especially among young upcoming make-up artists. Her YouTube channel has gained popularity because of her themed make-up tutorials, challenge competitions and her interesting choice of songs for each of her videos. She has over 275,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel with over million views this year. Each of her videos are very detailed and easy to follow even for beginners



Uwani Aliyu

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She is also a 20-year-old beauty blogger. Her videos are not just interesting because of her flawless make-up tutorials but also because of her lively personality which you can instantly notice when you watch her videos. She is definitely one to follow. She has a blog and also has YouTube channel, with over 35,000 followers.


Shalom Blac

Shalom Nchom is a beauty blogger. She is also a burn survivor and she has been able to inspire a lot of people through her story and her make-up videos. She was only 9 years old when a pan containing hot oil fell on her and left severe burns on her face, hands and shoulders. She has been able to turn her supposed “disability” into her strongest point and has inspired millions of people through what she loves, which is make-up. She has over 300,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Who do you already watch?

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