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5 Essential MakeUp Brushes

5 Essential MakeUp Brushes


Every lady that’s serious about looking good, needs a makeup brush whether you are a professional makeup artiste which would mean that you need a million brushes, or just a regular lady who would only need to throw make up on when you have an event.

Whatever category you fall into, here are 5 essential make up brushes that you will need.

powder brush

Powder brush

This is a round large brush which is used to pack the powder on your face. You can also use it for your bronzer and your blush when you do not have the brushes required for those purposes.

eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brush

A small stiff flat brush for getting the shadows on your eyes and with the right application, your eyes will pop. Good thing about having this brush is that you can also use it to contour your nose.


Angled brush

This is a firm slanted brush used to apply eyeliners and gives you that wing you love. You can also use this brush to clean out your brows after you draw your brows.

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mascara brush

Mascara brush

This is an essential brush not because it is used mascara application but because you need it to keep your brows in place. You use it to brush before you draw your brows. You also use it to blend the brow filler or liner.


Lip brush

Whether you go safe or daring with the lips, you need a lip brush to properly define the lips in applying your lip gloss or lipstick.

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