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My name is *Chika* I will be getting married in two weeks time. I can feel you breaking into a smile, saying congratulations under your breath. I don’t want to be congratulated though; I have had one too many congratulations I don’t think I need any more. My fiancé is a great guy, we have been together for a little over three...


#ithappenedtome Egbon! You can’t be in love with me

I have kept this to myself for a long time. I am reluctant to talk about this because hearing my thoughts out loud will make this nightmare real and I’m not ready for that but a series of event have forced me to confront this situation. My name is *Bisi*I live with my best friend’s elder brother and...


I Would Love To Date A Man That Submits To Me

  Denrele, a 21 year old girl told tw that she would love to date a man that submits to her. Seeing that this may seem weird as the Bible says women should submit to their husbands, we sought to find out why this young lady would want to date a man that submits to...


8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

By Dara Rhodes “It’s a day to show love” One might hear someone say or, “It is a day for lovers” or “I can’t wait to see what present I get” a young excited girl in love might be caught saying. Everyone seems to think they know what it is about but here are a...


Nuggets Of Wisdom For A Happy Marriage

By Dara Rhodes Marriage is a big deal all over the world but an even bigger deal in Nigeria. My jaw dropped when my brother’s wedding planner told me that 98 per cent of her clientele spend over two million dollars on their weddings. The naira is falling every day and you spend at least...


7 Signs You’re With The Man You Should Marry

By Dara Rhodes With valentine’s day just a few days away, marriage proposal preparations have currently got a LOT of men’s stomachs in knots. A LOT of men, and your man may be included. Before you get your stomach in a knot over what your wedding is going to look like and all those other...