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Career Advice for Ambitious Students

Students often hear the same career advice over and over again and while no good advice is wasted, ambitious students want (and need) more. We have come up with five pointers for all the bright and upwardly mobile college students out there and we wish you a very successful career life! 1) Build yourself, not...


8 Ways To Get A Promotion

Getting ahead in your career takes perseverance, dedication and hard work. However, to get that promotion you’ve had your eyes on, you’ll need to not only work hard but work smart. Here are 8 ways to get the promotion you really want: 1. Know your worth. If you can’t be bothered to know the value...


Weekend Recipe: Mac And Cheese

By Dara Rhodes I know, I know, I know. Mac and cheese ke? Yes. Macaroni and cheese! I know this delicacy is not very common in this parts of the world but before you hiss and search for the recipe for goat meat pepper soup, hold up! Macaroni and cheese is delicious and if you...


Secret Reasons Why You Are Always Tired

By Dara Rhodes Sometimes, its obvious why you are always tired, for example, you may be looking after little children, stressed or just not getting enough sleep. However, sometimes the reasons are a little less obvious. Here are seven secret reasons why you are always tired. 1) You are eating too little. 2) You are...


10 Signs You Are The Ultimate Diva

By Dara Rhodes First things first, if you have ever been called a diva, know you are very important to the human race. Absolutely no friendship circle is complete without a diva. Plus, this world would be very boring and dull without you! Below are 10 signs you are the ultimate diva. 1) Drama is...


Aaargh This Presidential Lagos Traffic!!!

Today – February 19, 2015, Mr President – Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is commissioning four newly acquired naval warships for the Nigerian Navy (NN) at the Naval Dockyard Ltd, Victoria Island, Lagos. The confinement to the air conditioned space around me for hours on end, the sound of frustrated drivers blaring their horns for no sensible...


Nigeria, The Enigma – How Can There Be War & Peace At The Same Time?

Please, please, please come to Lagos with me this summer!” I begged my best friend, Emma who is British. “I have a swimming pool in my house and you can see how amazing Nigeria is,” I added, desperately trying to persuade her. Emma shook her head firmly again and replied. “I can’t Dara. It’s not...


20 Most Stupid Pick Up Lines Of All Time We Have Heard

By Dara Rhodes We have all heard silly pick up lines, but some are just are plain outrageous. We asked around the tw Magazine office and the staff told us some of the most stupid pick up lines they have ever heard. Check them out below: 1) Hi, i’m looking for treasure, can I look...


15 Quick Career Tips For The 20 Something Year Old

In Pitbull’s voice, “Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice”. Nobody is ever too old  or too young for good and sound advice. As you begin your climb into the corporate world, here are 15 quick and easy career tips to get you climbing that ladder better and faster; 1) Be...

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