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Give and it will come back to you

Hey Guys! It’s #TalkTuesday A.K.A #Chick Chat! Today’s topic is from a podcast I’m obsessed with called “The Read”. I thought this was an interesting story sent in from one of their listeners so I decided to transcribe. I can particularly relate to this because too many people are eager to take credit for work...


Chick Chat With Cornelia O’Dwyer: Monster In-Laws

Hello Guys! It’s #TalkTuesday A.K.A #ChickChat. Should you consider your in laws before you make your choice of a life partner? Or is love between husband and wife alone enough? This question still plagues me. To be honest, I don’t think “Love” is enough. You would be wise to consider if your in laws are...


Chick Chat With Cornelia O’Dwyer: How Many People Truly Enjoy Their Wedding Day?

Hello Guys! It’s #TalkTuesday A.K.A #ChickChat. I thought I’d share this story from a slightly older sis of mine. I asked her randomly what the most underwhelming feeling she had ever experienced was and I was not expecting her response. She said “my wedding day and night.” I burst out laughing and asked her to explain:...