Women We Love: Omotunde Adebowale aka ‘Lolo’

Omotunde Adebowale David is definitely a woman of many hats – an award-winning radio on-air personality, actress, comedienne, mother and all-round entertainer.

You probably know her as the host of the popular show ‘Oga Madam’ on Wazobia FM Lagos. You may also know her as Adaku of the hit television comedy series ‘Jenifa’.

For many years, she has blessed us with her ingenious talent both on radio and television and now, she is taking it further with her weekly Vlog series.

We had a chat with her and she shared a few nuggets with us.

Read our chat with her below:

tw: You recently started a vlog series on Youtube called “Lolo speaks”. Why did you decide to start and what informed the need for your decision?

Lolo: Yes I started vlogging this year on YouTube, it’s on my channel called ‘Ogamadamtv’ captioned as #Lolospeaks.  In the times that we are in, everyone seems to have an opinion on various issues pertaining to life and I just want to lend my own voice to issues am passionate about.

tw: What topics should we expect you to address in these videos?

Lolo: Topics like single motherhood, relationships, sex, parenting, lifestyle e.t.c. I will be sharing my own perspective on these topics and more.

 tw: What valuable lessons have you learnt in all your time in the media industry?

Lolo: Some of the invaluable lessons I have learnt in media is to always verify your stories, never believe all you read out there and always use whatever medium you have to pass a positive message.

 tw: Given where you are now and what you know, what advice will you give to your younger self?

Lolo:  Wow I will definitely tell my younger self to have a healthy self-esteem, understand networking and use her circle of influence wisely. I would advise her to do all she desires even if afraid and to never be afraid of failing because in failure lies success.

 tw: What advice do you have for young women looking to have a career in media and communications?

Lolo: Every young woman needs to that they are good enough and they can do all they desire to do if they stay focused and determined.

tw: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Lolo: I am planning on shooting my first movie this year the story is being screen played and we would hit the ground running by the first quarter. I am also planning on a gospel album, plus all the regulars. I have a lot of women-centric programs this year especially for older single women.

tw: What does being a Todayz woman mean to you?

Lolo: to me a Todayz woman is a woman who understands her worth and how graced she is to accomplish greatness in any field of her endeavour.

tw: What are your plans for 2018?

Lolo: 2018 for me is movies, music and self-empowerment programs for women

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