tw Movie Ticket: The Women

Our editor in chief Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe turned 54 in August and to celebrate this milestone, she decided to treat 54 women from different age demographics to a movie date. Our movie ticket took us to see The Women, one of the most talked about movies this year.

I picked this movie because I have followed the producer, Blessing Egbe, through her creative journey. Her previous movie Two Brides and a Baby, and the famous Lekki Wives series did remarkably well, so I was curious to see what else she had up her creative sleeve.

I walked into the movie hall about 15 minutes into the movie (due to logistic issues, Nigerians are always late sha), and the first sound that greeted me was boisterous laughter. I hurriedly took the seat closest to me and settled in, and it wasn’t long before I caught on. Before I knew it, I was sucked into the web of drama, deceit, and pure hilarity unfolding on the screen.

The Women explores the friendships and marriages of four female friends (more like frenemies). Omo played by Ufuoma Mc Dermott is a materialistic woman married to a tight fisted Businessman, Maro (Anthony Monjaro). Omo, who is turning 40 (for what turned out to be the 6th time), wanted to go all out to celebrate this huge milestone, but due to the financial constraints her husband has been going through, she settles for a private birthday dinner instead with her friends and their spouses: the Queen Bee Teni (Omoni Oboli) married to Bez (Kalu Ikeagu), the oddly insecure Rose (Kat Obiang) whose husband Ayo (Femi Branch) is a workaholic, and the back biting Ene (Kate Henshaw) and her wealthy, but unrefined husband Chubby (Gregory Ojefua).

All hell breaks loose at what I term the birthday dinner from hell, and that is putting it mildly – what is supposed to be a fun couple’s getaway takes a turn for the worst when an unfortunate series of events causes a massive implosion that opened up a chasm of age old secrets, lies, deceit and very ugly skeletons.

I did find myself in shock at how it ended, but in all, The Women is a simple movie laced with humor, rivalry, a bit of depth and remarkable performances from the cast.

Once again, with this movie, Blessing Egbe stamps her foot on the sands of Nollywood.

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