Hidden Paradise: Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate

About 20 years ago, Lakowe, (on the outskirts of Lagos, towards the Epe axis), was a rural village. Fast forward to today, and the area has undergone dramatic transformation into a bustling Lagos suburb.

That’s where you will find Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate. A press invitation to tw provided me an opportunity to visit this well-kept secret. Prior, I never knew Lakowe existed much less heard of the resort, but a quick on line research revealed that there was a lot to see: golf course, guest cottages, corporate lodges, spa, hotel, and clubhouse!

So I prepared my mind for a day of fun and adventure, and gladly, I was not disappointed.

My visit was on Independence Day. I met up with other Journalists at Ikoyi, and we set out for Lakowe Lakes shortly after 10 am. A one-hour bus ride took us there, and as we drove through the gates, I could tell that I was going to enjoy the experience. Though there were obvious signs that development was still in progress, the lush green surrounding I saw was a welcome sight. I struggled to resist the urge to get off the bus and walk on the grass, singing at the top of my lungs, The Hills Are Alive from The Sound Of Music (okay I am being a little dramatic – there are, of course, no hills at Lakowe – but I am sure you get my drift.)

Our first stop was the lounge area where the friendly staff welcomed us with some cool drinks before we started our tour of the estate.

The CEO of the ARM Group, Jumoke Ogundare addressing media reps

At our next stop, the Golfing area, we saw Golfers who were well into their game for the 5th Annual Pro-Am Tournament 2017. The 18-hole championship Golf Course comprises 92 hectares of beautifully manicured lawns and 11 man-made lakes.

The Driving Range at Lakowe Lakes
A golfer swings a shot on Day 2 of the tournament
Golf carts at Lakowe Lakes

After some pictures in front of one of the beautiful lake, we set out for the residential area, and we took a tour of The Village, a set of 18 residential homes. To say they were beautiful would be an understatement; some of them had views of the lakes (there are a total of 17 lakes within the estate).

Interior of the Aso Lofts at Lakowe Lakes
Another Interior of the Aso Lofts at Lakowe Lakes
Interior render of a Home in The Village at Lakowe Lakes

What struck me most about the area, was the solitude; our excited oohing and aahing over the homes, was the only sound to be heard. I couldn’t help feel envious of the homeowners who now had an opportunity to run away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, to that small slice of paradise.

Besides the homes we saw, others are still under construction: The Enclave (about 206 homes ) and The Plots (serviced residential plots where clients will be given the option to choose from 10 different house designs).

The Lodge and Spa Resort is also still under construction. If there is any visual to represent the word serene, it would definitely be this place. The Upscale Units, made of Balinese inspired timber, were beautiful and will provide the perfect relaxation spots for individual getaways or couples’ honeymoons, anniversaries, baecations, and so on. I A Corporate Lodge with 20 luxury rooms also provides the opportunity for group retreats.

Interior view from one of the Cottages in the Hospitality Resort at Lakowe Lakes

A nice lunch with the golfers in the Club House as they celebrated the end of the Tournament, capped our tour! For the first time, I got to try Jollof Ofada, which I had with a tasty Ofada sauce. The whole experience and the delicious meal made me quite lethargic and reluctant to leave because in a few short hours I had found paradise. As we set out for our return journey, I knew I would miss the fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping, and the lush green environment at Lakowe Lakes.

The winner of the 5th Anniversary Pro-Am Tournament at Lakowe Lakes poses with his prize

However, that visit opened my eyes to the fact that there are indeed hidden paradises in Nigeria. It seems we don’t need to travel out of Nigeria to get exclusive 5-star treatment; it is available right here, in our backyard!

This is why I am curious to discover others and am therefore throwing out a challenge to anyone who knows of, and has experienced other hidden ‘paradises’ in Nigeria, to share it with tw in the comments section below.

No be only you like better thing 🙂

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