tw Movie Ticket – Alter Ego

Directed by Moses Inwang. Starring Omotola J. Ekeinde, Wole Ojo, Kunle Remi, Jide Kosoko, Madam Kofo, Tina Mba, Victor Olaotan, Elvina Ibru

In Alter Ego, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde stars as Ada Igwe, a tenacious lawyer, who stood against the pervasive ills of molestation, sexual abuse and rape. The movie gradually unfolds the reason behind her doggedness to bring every perpetrator to justice.

I must confess I looked forward to seeing this movie because Omotola is one actress who knows her craft and I respect her for that. I was sure her being away from the big screen for a while would serve as an opportunity for a ground-breaking comeback and no, I wasn’t disappointed.

There is no denying that Alter Ego has a good plot with so many star cameos, making it star-studded without feeling jam-packed – if you know what I mean. I’m sure some people will ask, ‘What is different about another socially conscious movie?’ The script, the representation and the emotionsAlter Ego has these ingredients and yes, they can make a whole lot of difference. I have seen a number of Nigerian movies lately, but there are few who tell their story as well and as delicately as Alter Ego does.

But like with all movies, there are some criticisms I have with the execution of the story. If you have not watched the movie, this might be good time to look away because there are some spoilers here. 😊

Firstly, while we are no strangers to the movie’s underlying subject or the main character’s assignment, the star character (Ada Igwe) took up a lot of space in this movie, which seemingly subdued the other characters. But then again, it was also good in the sense that we could focus on the issue without too much going on to distract us.

Also, as much as I understood her dilemma with her crash ego, the subdued nympho one, I think it came across as a bit unrealistic – a woman of her class and status can get any man to copulate with, certainly not her driver or her gardener. Honestly, this regressed my mind to the Nollywood of old. I know some people will argue there are people like Ada Igwe, especially when you have a deep dark life of sexual pinion, but I’m sure you get me nonetheless.

Then on to the courtroom scenes. I am not a lawyer, but I think the arguments could have been a bit more intense for such grave offences as sexual abuse; they were a bit weak and uninteresting. The court scene where Elvina Ibru made her cameo as Mr Ighodaro’s (Wale Ojo) defence counsel was a bit too long and drawn; if the scene was more intense, I probably won’t have minded. I also noticed Elvina Ibru’s wedges or sandals as she walked with her client, Mr Ighodaro, out of the court to the van. Forgive me but will that pass for appropriate court dressing?

Overall, Alter Ego was a good movie. I give it 3.5/5 stars because I had high expectations… however, it should easily get 4, but for the stinger after the credits – it practically ruined the entire movie for me!! This is a warning to you: If you are yet to see Alter Ego, once the director’s name (credit) comes up, take the cue and exit the cinema. Otherwise, you might ruin your experience….

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