A Teenager’s Dream Room!

Usually a girl’s room reflects the kind of person she is.

We have the “girly girls” who prefer colours like pink, gold and purple; they also like furry pillows and bright curtains.

Then we have the tomboys who maybe like colours like blue or black; they also love to adorn their rooms with sporty things and simple furniture.

There are also the cultural girls, who likes eclectic interior design which reflects where she is from and the places she has been.

I think I am both a “girly girl” and a tomboy, and this reflects in how my room looks at the moment. I have a wooden double bed, 2 book cupboards, one book shelf, a work table, a side table next to my bed and a TV.

For my girly girl side, I have pink walls, stuffed animals, floral bed covers and bright curtains. For my tomboy side, I have a collection of baseball caps on my shelves and an Arsenal football jersey hanging on my door!

Though I love what my room looks like now, I still have visions of what my dream room should look like.

I want to share this vision with you!

Here are main things which need to be in my Dream Room.

  1. A white bed (preferably a double bed)

2. Pillows on my bed – with shiny fabric and bows on them.

3. A rug – preferably white

4. Three or four bean bag or inflatable chairs, or just a large black, baby blue or pink couch.

5. A large nice any mirror that could take up one wall or half a wall because like we all know, a girl needs to slay.

6. A desk to work and an open book shelf – this is a must because I LOVE BOOKS!!


I have big dreams, right?

But here is the biggest one of them all!

My dream room should have two floors!

I know you are scratching your head wondering how a room can have two floors!

Yes, it is possible!

Upstairs, I would have my bed, cupboards, mirror and bathroom. Then downstairs, I could have my work table, book shelves, maybe the TV and of course all the couches, bean bags and inflatable chairs.

But if I can’t get this, then I can make do with a loft bed, so that I can have my desk and book shelf underneath my bed.

So, what about you?

What does your dream room look like or are you currently living in your dream room?

Let us know in the comments section below!!

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