Why Your Sleeping Position Says A Lot About You.

TW recently conducted an Instagram poll to determine what our readers’ favourite sleeping positions say about them. So we shared four options with them to find out which was their preferred. Of the 4 options, as seen above,  35%  of those that responded chose No. 4, 25%  No. 322%  No. 2 and only 7% chose No. 1.

This means most of you, our followers are extraordinary people who are very reliable, and this gives us joy…

According to ladylifehacks.com, people who prefer  sleeping position 4 have an analytical mindset, are stable and reliable. They find it quite easy to adapt to any situation in life, and can overcome hardships without possessing extraordinary mental strength or any kind of special qualities.

Studies suggest that a person who sleeps predominantly on one’s stomach (sleep position 3) likes to take charge and make their own decisions in life. They often don’t take criticism very well, as they believe their own actions and decisions are the only ‘correct’ ones. This sleeping position indicates the person is stubborn and extremely driven to achieve their goal, as well as attentive to detail.

The third most popular, sleep position 2 which is sleeping curled up apparently indicates that a person feels intimidated in life, and doesn’t feel like engaging in situations and events happening around them. They need a ‘guardian’, someone who can take care of them and protect them from life’s challenges.

The least popular but still comfortable position, number 1: sleeping on your back,  means one is feeling quite relaxed. It’s a sign of confidence and psychological power. People like that feel confident in any given situation, and are always ready to take in new information and make new acquaintances.

Who knew sleeping positions had so many meanings? Did we guess your personality right? Let us know in the comments below!

Sleeping position image and meanings culled from ladylifehacks.com

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