8 Statement Fashion Accessories

Many of us are stuck in an accessories rut!

We wear the same faithful pair of ear-rings, gold necklaces and handbags everyday…

We never take any risk with our accessories.

Well tw is here to break you out of that rut with these 8 statement accessories that will add some fire to back your style.


  1. Real flower Jewellery by RubyRobinBoutique

These pretty and unique rings contain real flowers preserved in glass globes. Behind each artsy ring is a beautiful story of summertime, childhood memories and country sides for the owner and creator of RubyRobinBoutique, Kay Bells. You can own one of these precious rings for $35.45.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent army braided choker

For all lovers of chokers, Saint Laurent have something for you. This unique choker is unlike any you’ve seen, seeing as it closely resembles a scarf. It does come at a hefty price of $315, but acquiring such a pretty thing would be worth it right?

  1. Arm cuff and anklet by Alena Stavtseva

These graceful pieces are perfect for enhancing your arms and ankles. They create a vine-like design with eye-catching swirls made even prettier with beads. Made from Alpaca (German Silver), these pieces are both unique and relatively cheap. You can get them at a price range between $44-$46.

  1. Knit beanie with Ankara by Dpipertwins

This is one we are particularly excited about because it represents a clash of the western trend and African culture. Beanies with Ankara – quite an idea. The best part about it is the diversity in designs which allows for buying different colours with different patterns. So, you can happily keep a collection and wear whatever fits your mood or clothes at any time. You can own one of these for a price of $25.

  1. Artistic leather bag by Thom Browne

These pricy designer bags are perfect for those looking for a new way to step up their fashion sense. They come in different designs including the cruise liner bag, the shark bag and the Hector bag. The pieces are all unique and come usually in three colours – black, white, green. The price range is from a whopping $1250 – $2600. Well, they do seem worth it.

  1.  iPad Skins and iPhone cases by Studio of Mode

There is no better way to make a statement than with these studio of Mode uber stylish iPad and iPhone accessories. They are bright, fun, chic, and will give your whole look a unique vibe. And best of all, they are quite affordable!! The iPad Skin retails for N6,000 while the iPhone case retails for N8,000. There are more designs available on their website. You should definitely check it out!


  1. The ‘Scarf necklace’ by Unikatina

The weather has been a bit cold in Nigeria lately and that’s why we are happy to introduce to you to the scarf necklace. This one of a kind pretty thing is simply made out of cotton and yarn and it both serves as a necklace and as a scarf. The best part about it is that it comes in various colours and patterns that can complement most casual outfits. Thankfully, they aren’t too pricy and you can own yours for a price of $25.

  1. Footwear by Kene Rapu

Who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers on sandals? And is it even more exciting when you can get them in our beloved ANKARA! Kene Rapu provides comfortable, yet stylish footwear in a variety of ankara fabrics. With the wide range of styles, there is definitely something for everyone. These pieces will draw eyes to your feet, any day, anytime and anywhere!

Which one of these do you see yourself buying?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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