#Save Dr. Donald Nwosu

Do you want to read the purest example of unconditional friendship?

Let me tell you a story…

There is a young bright man whose name is Donald Nwosu. He attended St. Joseph’s College, Vom, Plateau State, from where he proceeded to the College of Medicine at the University of Nigeria.

Following his medical internship and National Youth Service Corps, he has worked as a medical officer at FSP Clinic, Daudu, Guma Local Government Area between 2012 and 2016. Then, he became the state clinical coordinator for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Anambra.

 Many lives have been saved because of Dr. Donald…

 Many smiles have been restored because Dr. Donald…

Dr. Donald did all he could for people…

But while he did all this, he was fighting a battle of his own…

Five years ago, when Dr. Donald turned 30, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and he has been in and out of treatment since then.

Now Dr. Donald is fighting for his life…

But he is not alone…

He has his friends fighting with him.

These are friends who have chosen to stay by this side, through his painful journey with Cancer. These are friends who have spent their money, their sweat, just to make sure Dr. Donald survives.

Here is a statement from one of them, Dr. Nonso Jac-Okereke

“Members of our graduating class from the College of Medicine, UNN (2007 Set dubbed “HEPTAGONITES“) have been involved in Donald’s care from the onset. We were taken by surprise to learn of his ailment in 2012, wondering why such should befall one as vibrant as he.

We did not rest on our oars, but rallied round to ensure he got the very best form of treatment. At the time, this entailed the use of an immune modulated cancer therapy which though pricey was not considered daunting enough to rob our colleague and kith of his bright future. He underwent his initial course of treatment at the National Hospital Abuja.

Sadly, when he had a relapse earlier this year we networked once again to make sure the battle was not lost. This resulted in a series of therapy sessions at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.

Over the years, the financial burden of his care has drained his family and weighed heavily on Hepatagonites. Recently we made multiple contributions to cater for a series of Chemotherapy sessions. This time around the current exchange rate differentials made it even more difficult for us to cope with the financial requirements yet we pulled through.

The managing consultants have recommended that he has a “Bone Marrow Transplant” (BMT) as a definitive treatment. This procedure will have to be done abroad. We have reached out to hospitals that can offer this service and were momentarily stunned by the staggering amounts in the quotations we received. This sparked the inception of a fund drive to save our dear friend and keep his lovely smile on his face.

We formed a group of 7 to coordinate the wider fundraising for the permanent solution- BMT. I am glad to be a part of this drive to put an end to Donald’s suffering.

We will do all we can to see to the realisation of this goal. With your assistance we’re certain that it can and will be achieved.”

Dr. Donald needs $86,700 for his bone marrow transplant immediately.

It seems like a lot of money…

But is it?

If like his 7 friends, we all join Dr. Donald in this fight, he will survive.

You can give anything.

$1, $10, $100, $200 $1,000….

N1,000, N5,000, N50,000, N500,000, N1,000,000…

No amount is too big or small.

Imagine if 900 people gave $100 – this will be $90,000!

Imagine if 450 people gave $200 – this will still be $90,000!

Imagine if 100 people gave $1,000– this will STILL be $90,000

We can all raise this money.

We can do this.

We must save Dr. Donald.


Remember, this could have been your story….

Donate Now

For Foreign Currency go the GoFundMe Account


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To Make A Bank Transfer or Deposit

Pay To Nwosu Chinedu Donald – GTBank – 0028219856

Here is a personal message from Dr. Donald.

Here are links for #SaveDonaldNwosu Campaign

Donald’s Facebook page with shares from friends of his GoFundMe campaign https://www.facebook.com/donaldchinedu.nwosu

SaveDrDonald Facebook Campaign


Use #SaveDonaldNwosu on all social media platforms


Here are the profiles of the 7 members of the  #SaveDonaldNwosu campaign.

Dr. Adanna Chukwuma joined the Young Professionals Program of the World Bank Group in 2016, a competitive fellowship that also recruited distinguished Nigerians such as Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Muhammad Ali Pate into the Bank. She recently completed a Doctor of Science degree in Health Systems at Harvard University. Her work in international development focuses on designing, supporting the implementation of, and evaluating programs that improve access to essential and quality health services among low-income populations in Romania, Sri Lanka, and several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining the World Bank, Adanna worked as a Global Health Corps Fellow for Mayor Cory Booker and Barbara Bush; a Teaching Fellow for the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen; and as a Research Assistant for INESAD, USAID, and Consultancy Africa Intelligence. For her work in health systems, Adanna has received several awards including the Future Awards Africa Prize in Public Service, the Harvard Bloom Fellowship, the Oxford Exxon Mobil Scholarship, the Paci Family Fellowship, the Nigerian President’s Award for Outstanding Community Service, and the World Bank FY17 Vice Presidential Unit Award. Dr. Adanna has co-authored peer-reviewed academic publications and policy papers and is an Associate Fellow of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative. She studied for an undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery and a Master of Science degree in Global Health from University of Nigeria and Oxford respectively, graduating with distinctions in both cases.


Dr. Charles Chima is a Public Health Physician whose work in the US and Nigeria has centered on improving population health outcomes through health systems reform. He studied medicine at the University of Nigeria, where he was Dr. Donald Nwosu’s classmate, subsequently pursuing postgraduate studies in public health at the University of London and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He is currently a research fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA

Dr. Chima has been involved in several non-profit health causes, including co-founding Medix Frontiers, a youth-oriented healthy lifestyle and health promotion organization in Enugu, Nigeria.


Nonso Jac-Okerere studied with Mr. Donald Nwosu at the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria. During this period, he served in leadership capacities in organizations engaged in community development and health delivery to underserved communities notably; the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) and Medix Frontiers. During his year of service in the National Youth Service Corp program, he headed the Health Campaign Community Development Service in Ebonyi State

He then proceeded to work with the renowned Neurosurgeon, Prof. S.C. Ohaegbulam at the Memfys Hospital for Neurosurgery, Enugu. Currently, he is completing his residency in Plastic Surgery, and is enrolled in a postgraduate program in Clinical Education at the University of Edinburgh.


Dr Duzie Esomonu obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from University of Nigeria after which he had his initial service experience at Imo State University Teaching Hospital. His medical residency training is on-going at Federal Medical Centre Owerri were he’s currently a Specialist Registrar in the Department of Radiology. His routine involves performing ultrasound -based examinations, carrying out medical procedures under fluoroscopy guidance, reporting x-ray films, mammograms, and interpreting CT and MRI scans.

He participates in on-call duties where he performs procedures and interprets clinical images in emergency situations. He has undergone specialist training in CT and MRI imaging at Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital Port Harcourt and has worked in a number of hospitals and diagnostic centers on locum basis.

Committed to ongoing professional development, he has interests in healthcare marketing for which he’s completing an online Master of Business Administration program at Don Bosco University India. He has special interests in interventional radiology and neuroimaging.


Uzoma Obiaka was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria, moved to Lagos in early childhood where she had her primary school education. She went on to FGGC Owerri for high school education, and then College of Medicine, University of Nigeria teaching hospital, graduating with an MBBS degree in 2009.

In 2012 she relocated to the United States for post graduate education. She completed an MPH program at the Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), Connecticut.

During her time at SCSU she was awarded a graduate fellowship to complete an independent research, received a SOPHE (Society for Public Health Education) 21st century award, and was a recipient of the Kay Keiser Valedictory award at her graduation in 2014.

In 2015 she moved to New York to begin residency training in Pediatrics. She is currently a third year resident. Upon completing the residency training she will commence a cardiology fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.


Dr. Obieze Nwanna- Nzewunwa is a surgical research fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to this, he worked under Ambassador Eric Goosby, the UN Special Envoy for Tuberculosis as a Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy Fellow. Obieze has over 7 years of clinical, research, and program design and implementation experience in Africa and Asia. He is a social innovator with expertise in global surgery, health systems strengthening, policy, and health economics.

He founded the Joint Medical Lifesavers Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides access to healthcare in rural Nigeria, and is a co-founder of Trinity Health Initiative, a social innovation venture. Obieze is a recipient of the D-Prize Global Health Award for social innovation, the University of California, San Francisco Chancellors Award for Public Service, the State Honors Award for community service by the Kogi state government and a nominee for The Future Awards Africa 2016 prize for Public Service.


Dr. Igwebike was a classmate of Dr. Nwosu at the University of Nigeria Medical School. As a member of the Medical Research and Humanitarian Society(MEDRHUS) he participated actively in medical outreaches to villages for humanitarian purposes. As Academic director, he helped foster academic excellence amongst medical students. His contributions culminated in him being awarded the MEDRHUS AMBASSADOR of the YEAR AWARD (2006) and MEDRHUS ACADEMIC OF THE YEAR AWARD (2009).

Dr. Igwebike graduated amongst the top 30 of his class guaranteeing him an automatic place for internship at UNTH. As a National Youth Corper, in Zamfara State, he won a State Award as Best Corper, Batch B, 2011, for community service. He then proceeded to the University of Sheffield for an MSc in Molecular Medicine; where his research focused on novel Cancer Immunotherapy modalities. He is currently a Resident Doctor/ Core Medical Trainee at the York Teaching Hospital, UK.


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