#ThrowBackThursday: A Different Side Of Kemi Adetiba

You have seen a lot about Kemi Adetiba.

You have watched her movie, music videos and documentaries…

You have read and listened to her interviews…

You have seen her live-in action, presenting in front of the camera…

But some sides of Kemi still remain a mystery….

Does she believe in God?

What is her spiritual life like?

Does she pray?

Well, surprisingly, Kemi answered these questions in an interview for our column, Her Essence, in our April 2012 edition.

When you are done reading the interview, you will see Kemi Adetiba in a whole new light…


How do you define spirituality?

That’s a difficult question. I don’t think spirituality can be defined; at least not for me. I can’t explain it but I am aware of the connection I have with my creator. It’s a jealous relationship. I like to play like he doesn’t have the same relationship with anyone else. I am Daddy’s (God’s) little girl.

Relationship or Religion – which would you rather practice and why?

I think the orthodox definition of ‘religion’ makes me nervous. Only because I find it difficult to trust some supposed ‘men of God’. I feel like we are approaching the ‘last days’ and we have many people using the word of God for their personal benefits. They can’t help it however. They are just fulfilling scripture, I guess. However, this makes me nervous and extremely skeptical. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I prefer to have a personal relationship. I prat, I try to listen to messages God might be trying to send me and I seek counsel from people that I trust and learn from their perspective. So, I have to ay ‘relationship’ is what I practice… by default I guess.

How do you handle adversity?

Honestly, I pray, then I look within and come up with multiple plans to get me out of the hole. I have a very strong personality that does not take defeat very well. I feel like a warrior all the time. That’s probably because God has gotten me through major difficulties which seemed insurmountable at the time. So, I always believe I will win, no matter what.

What gives you hope for the future?

To be honest, I am scared of the future. As my late grandma used to say ‘This world is deep!’ With all that’s happening in the world, I am afraid to think too far ahead. But our covenant with God is to live like it will last forever, even if it is going to end tomorrow.

Prayer for you is…

Conversation with God. I don’t think it has to be formal. I don’t have to keel down and cover my head with a scarf before he hears me. When I speak to my earthly father, I joke around, play and tease him during the conversation. I do the same with my Heavenly father! I’m a wise ass sometimes when praying. I joke a lot… I even toast God when I want something special.

How do you best express your faith or belief?

It cannot be expressed, only felt. It’s personal. It’s belief. You can’t hold it. You just feel it. Why do you believe in God? You don’t know. You just TRUST that it is as the Word states. With all that goes on in this world, it makes waking up in the morning easier for me BELIEVING that there is a Higher Power looking out for me and willing to listen when I call out for help



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