The Best Face And Body Scrub Ever!!!

I am a face/body scrub expert.

Since I was sixteen, I have been buffing my face and body with all sorts of scrubs. Some of them have given me amazing results, and some of them have been absolutely horrible.

So, when I received the Eco Pantry Turmeric Coffee Body Scrub, I was not expecting anything special….

Ladies, I was so so wrong.

When I opened the brown resealable package, the first thing that hit me was the scent – It was like I had my nose above a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee. After I recovered from the amazing scent, I read the instructions. The instructions said to use the scrub with water or with an oil. Because I have oily skin, I decided to use alone. I took a small handful and rubbed it on my face, neck and shoulder area, which I had dampened with a bit of water. The scrub does not contain a liquid base like most other scrubs – it separates easily like a handful of brown sugar mixed with coffee (these are the two main ingredients). I rubbed the scrub in circular motions on my face, then my neck and my shoulder. As a result of the brown sugar, I felt the effect of the scrub immediately; I could feel the dead skin coming off. When I was done, I rinsed off the scrub with warm water.

My skin felt so smooth it was unbelievable. In all my years of face/body scrubbing, I had never achieved such a wonderful result! And because the scrub contains oils, it did not dry out my skin at all – It even cleared the pesky little whiteheads on my nose. One thing to note though is that if you have sensitive skin, you may have to use less pressure when scrubbing because the scrub is quite intense.

I give this face scrub a rating of 11/10, and I am not over reacting when I say this is the BEST SCRUB I HAVE EVER TRIED. I will most definitely add it to my beauty routine. I look forward to trying other coffee scrubs from their range (Chamomile, Cinnamon and Cocoa+Choco).

Here is another review by one of my colleagues:

The body scrub has a lovely smell and I guess it’s because I’m a sucker for coffee on a good day.

The pack is handy, but I find it too busy, making it hard for me to directly pick out vital information on the pack. E.g., I do not remember anything specific on the pack right now. Also, I worry the pack might get wet, though I  managed to keep it dry even with my dampened hands.

I love the plush and baby-like effect the scrub leaves on the skin after use, maybe that is attributable to the natural oils in it.

Eco Pantry also have other amazing products that you can check out on their Instagram.

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