Beginners Guide To Healthy Natural Hair

So you are not seeing growth? Well this is because you are probably breaking of your hair faster than its growing. Hair is always growing, at the very least every black woman can grow bra strap length hair, thus if your hair is stagnant don’t give up!! You might just need to tweak these three things below:

Step 1: Trim

Do not hold on to bad hair.  In a bid to get more length some of us hold on the split damaged ends because it makes our hair look longer. The only remedy for split ends is to cut it off! No matter what a product claims, no product can repair split ends. As the name implies split ends are literally the ends of your hair split in two or more places, when hair is split it travels up the shaft and causes breakage. So in order to prevent damage simply cut of damaged ends the minute you spot them.  As a side note, if you take care of your hair really well you should need to trim more than twice a year. Excessive trimming might lead to you cutting of your new length. See photo for what a split end looks like.

Step 2: Balance

You might have your hair routine on lock down and you are still experiencing breakage? This might be because of a protein moisture imbalance.  When your hair is excessively moisturized your strands get limp, and weak and they snap easily. When there is too much protein in your hair it makes the hair very stiff, inelastic and it will cause breakage. So for your hair to grow there need to be a balance in softness, flexibility and strength.  So what you need to do is to alternate between protein and moisture deep conditioning treatments. You can use a moisturizing deep conditioner one week and a protein conditioner next and vice versa. You can do one after the other; however, in this instance it’s better to do a protein condition first for strength and soften up with a moisturizing conditioner last.

Step 3: Low manipulation

Our exceptionally kinky curly hair wants to be left alone. Do protective styles that do not require frequent restyling. Protective styles don’t always have to be braids or weaves, they can be simple up-dos and single strand twists etc. However, whatever you chose make sure it’s something that call hold for at least a week or two, constant restyling, combing and manipulation puts stress on your hair strands and leads to breakage.

So that’s all ladies!!

Just three simple rules to get you that strong long natural hair!!

What do you think?

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Written By: Rachel Asakome of Beautifully Nappy

Instagram: @beautifullynappy


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