#Throw Back Thursday: 5 Things You May Not Know About Stephanie Coker

The gorgeous OAP Stephanie Coker was on our September 2016 cover, a cover Bella Naija describe as the fiercest TW Magazine cover they have ever seen!!!

In our interview with her, she told us many things about her life that you may not know…

Here are 5!

  • She hopes to, someday, build a network of independent women who are not intimidated by success. “Women tend to see other women as competition,” she says, “maybe it’s the way they were brought up, but I would just like that to stop. I just don’t think it’s healthy. Such competition deprives us of the opportunity to learn from one another. I want to help inspire, create and nurture girls who are comfortable in their own skin and are ambitious goal-getters.”
  • Stephanie’s not as keen on social outings as you may think she is. “I don’t really like going out,” she says, “often, I only go to events when I’m working. I like writing and I like to travel as well, but because I don’t like alcohol, I don’t really enjoy nightlife.”
  • She believes living in Nigeria has made her a kinder person and made her more family-oriented.
  • She is a firm believer in love and does not ever want to have “manage” or “settle” in her relationships.
  • She admires strong female media personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Mo Abudu and hopes to someday own her own network to cap her goal of being the ultimate communicator.

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