Bad Habits To Loose To Get Long Healthy Hair!



Last week, Dabs of Savvy Chic told you the good habits to inculcate if you want long healthy hair. This week, she tells you the bad habits to lose to get those luscious long thick flowing tresses!

  1. Stay away from heat tools as much as possible!

Heat erodes the outer protective layer of the hair strands, the hair cuticle. Once that layer is eroded or damaged, the hair is more susceptible to hair breakage. If you have to use heat tools, try and use them on the lowest heat level.

  1. Use Hair Products in moderation

A really bad hair habit to lose is piling on hair products…erroneously some ladies think the more of a product you pile up on your hair, the faster the product will work, actually what piling on products does is block the hair follicles and that prevents the scalp from breathing, causes build up and stunts growth. A little goes a long way with using products especially if you use them regularly as you should.

3. Lose Constant Combing

Yes, you read right!! The less combing you do on a daily basis, the less hair I lose. Try to only comb on wash days with a wide tooth comb, gently detangling and make sure your hair strands are smooth.  The rest of the time, use your fingers to finger detangle and smooth with a soft bristle brush. It works just fine.

  1. Manipulate with CareMy final habit to lose has to do with manipulating your hair…no matter how thick or otherwise your hair is, working in sections while you detangle it or style it is a must. That habit of just combing our hair all to the back when wet especially is one of the causes of hair breakage and receding hairlines! Your hair at the roots has a mind of its own as to what direction it wants to face, please allow it, I generally divide my entire head of hair into 2 large sections and further subdivide into six sections. Working in smaller sections will ensure that you are not tugging or pulling too hard at your hair forcing it into submission and also ensure that each section is adequately cared for and receives nutrients from the products.

With these tips, I am confident that healthy long hair is in the future of ladies who adopt them.

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