If he loves you, he will buy you TW

Yes, you read that right…

If any man in your life (father, husband, boyfriend, friend) loves you, then he should be willing to buy you your favourite magazine, tw Magazine.


Because tw magazine is the perfect gift for today’s woman, and a recent incident proved that to us.

This past Wednesday, a young man came to our office, on behalf of his boss, to enquire about our subscription rates. We then spoke to his boss on the phone to give our yearly subscription rate, (N9,200 for Print and N4,000 for Digital). Out of curiosity though we asked who it was for, and he said it was for a lady. We were tripped by the fact that a man could go all out to get his wife or his sister or his girlfriend the wholesome magazine for today’s woman.

When his payment hit our account the next morning, we knew this guy was serious and hailed him for being a discerning man. Pure validation that even men know what the women in their life should be reading… what are you waiting for? Get the man in your life to subscribe for you and blossom as you join the tw family. Here are three reasons why:

  1. The Best Cover Stories: Powerful covers, that inspire change. and powerful stories, stories that have the power to change your life.
  2. The Best Source of Trending Fashion and Style: our fashion pages are about best trends and how to incorporate them into your everyday style.
  3. The Best Contributors: From top chefs, to relationship experts, finance specialists and beauty gurus, there is ready made advice to cover you in tw, body, mind and soul.

Best of all, you get all this for only N9,200 Print and N4,000 Digital, certainly cheaper than a three-course dinner at a five-star restaurant or a 100ml bottle of an average EDP perfume!

So, the next time a man tells you he loves you, tell him: “If you love me, you will buy me tw magazine.”

Or better still give yourself a gift and sign up for our yearly subscription.

What are you waiting for?

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