Wednesday Buzz: #Justice4Chisom

Lanre Gentry Shares His Experience In KiriKiri Prison

Lanre Gentry and his domestic violence saga with Mercy Aigbe are trending again. He was released from Kirikiri prison last night and is already up in the news. He was trending for the post he made on Instagram about his experience in the prison after spending 7 nights there for his alleged assault on Mercy Aigbe. In his post, he said that the government should leave domestic violence matters alone and should upgrade the prison systems instead. He lamented that the prisoners were being treated like beggars and were cramped in small rooms.

People have turned on Lanre for making such an inconsiderate post that suggests that domestic violence should be neglected by the government, instead of apologizing for his actions.



The hashtag #Justice4Chisom is trending over a woman, Chisom Anekwe, who died under questionable circumstances during child birth. Her family and friends created the hashtag to draw the attention of the government to investigate the hospital and to prevent maternal mortality cases like this from happening again.  She died at Magodo Specialist Hospital because the doctors refused to attend to her. Chisom had given birth to two daughters already at the same hospital and was giving birth to her third one, a boy, when the unfortunate event happened.

#Justice4Chisom #SaveTheNextVictim

Source: Instagram

BBC Journalist Pushed A Woman Pushes AAA Woman By The Breast To Shoo Her Way From His Interview

A BBC Journalist, Ben Brown, is trending for a seemingly inappropriate move when he pushed a woman by the breast in order to get her away from the set of his live interview. She was gatecrashing and just wanted to appear on TV but while Ben was trying to manage the interruption, he pushed her away by the breast while asking her to excuse them.

In a world where women are coming up to speak up against molestation and violence against women, this singular action has earned Ben Brown some angry backlash.

Ben Brown was interviewing assistant political editor Norman Smith about the Labour manifesto launch in Bradford when the cheeky woman slid into the shot. She said “absolutely fantastic” and gave a thumbs-up to the camera when the journalist put out his hand and pushed her backward with his hand on her breast. She looked startled and then hit him on the shoulder before she walked away.

The clip got picked up and is trending everywhere. Ben Brown has tweeted a comment on the issue saying that it was totally unintentional. He didn’t really have a choice, seeing as it was a live interview and he couldn’t pause the interview to calmly ask her to leave.


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