Style Tips: Rocking The Rainy Season

The rains are upon us in full force, and by the look of things we would not be saying goodbye to the rainy season any time soon. If you live in Lagos (and probably other parts of the country as well) You can attest to the fact that It’s been a constant battle with the heavens, one minute it’s all bright and shiny, the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs. It wouldn’t be a problem if we were just allowed to lounge in bed all day as the weather calls for long lazy naps; the problem is we have to go about our usual business of the day, unpredictable weather and all.

So how do we stay winning like the superwomen we are, rocking the “S” on our chests rainy days or not? Here are a few things you will need to know so stay on top of your game this season:

  • NO WEAVES: for this weather braids are the most practical option. Yes weaves are great and wearing weaves increases your scale on the “Hot-O-Meter” but you do not want to be caught out in an unexpected downpour looking like a rat that just drowned. Not only does the rains ruin that very expensive weave, it also causes it to loose its bounce, shine and makes your head itchy too. Braids in the other hand only needs to be dried after you are drenched and you are good to go! Plus it can be styled in different ways too.

  • SHELVE THE SUEDE: suede and water is pretty much like oil and water; they do not mix. Pack up your beautiful suede shoes that you love so much until after the rainy season. Leather might survive, but your beloved suede won’t. Invest in good ol’ rubber. They come in a wide range of beautiful designs and are no longer restricted to just slippers or sandals. You can get really cool flats, hand bags and totes in rubber too. Trust me you will be glad you made the smart choice.

  • WARDROBE: say goodbye for now to your whites and lighter colored clothes. Hello to the darker jeans skirts and dresses. You might also want to give the long pants a break for now. Cropped pants, knee length dresses and skirts, jackets and sweat shirts are your go-to this season.

  • SCARVE IT UP: stock up on your pashminas. They come in various lengths, beautiful patterns and are trendy. They are a good way to chase the gloom and chill of a cold day. Throw a bright colored pashmina around your neck to add a pop of color to your dark outfit.

  • STAY PREPARED: like the famous saying goes “BE PREPARED” stay ready at all times, a soldier never goes to war without his weapon. Always have a sturdy collapsible umbrella in your hand bag (shower cap for extra ammunition) wear water proof makeup to avoid it running down your face.

Now go take charge of the day superwoman and don’t let the rain ruin your Slay!!!

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