How To Find And Do The Work You Love

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Do you wake up in the mornings filled with dread because you hate your job?

Well you are not alone.

According to 2013 report by Forbes, Unhappy Employees outnumber Happy employees by Two to One worldwide (survey carried out on 231,00o workers in 142 countries). Also, in 2015, London Business School conducted a survey which showed that 50% of UK workers were miserable in their jobs and they couldn’t wait to change careers.

If we are recording these numbers worldwide , we can then imagine what the statistics would be in Nigeria where most people are forced to do jobs not because they love the work, but just to earn a salary. And the surprising thing is that people who say they hate their jobs are seen as ungrateful; If they voice their concerns to some Nigerians, the response they will get is: “At least you have a job to even hate sef!  What about the millions of people who are roaming on the streets looking for jobs?”

But though the economic climate in Nigeria is tough, you don’t have to be one of those people who wants to break something every time you think about going to work. And if you are currently one of those people, then you do not have to continue living that way.

In this video, Scot Dinsmore shares useful tips on how to find and do work you love. And if you doubt the potency of this video, it has been watched 4,4241,688 times and it has over 40,000 likes on YouTube.

All these people can’t be wrong.

So, give it a chance.

Who knows, this may just be a turning point in your life.

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