Women We Love: Ronke Adefalujo, Creative Director, RhonkeFella Brand


Make-up artist turned fashionista, Ronke Adefalujo, sent social media buzzing in 2016 with her bright coloured green and white outfit in celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day. Leveraging on the power of social media and following, she continues to grow in the fashion industry despite being a relative rookie in the business!

Ronke Adefalujo might be new to the fashion business, but she isn’t taking no for an answer and has set out to make her mark in the Nigerian fashion industry.

TodayzWoman’s Women We Love series shines the colorful spotlight on Ronke Adefalujo, the brain behind the RhonkeFella Brand.


Can you share a little bit about Aderonke Adefalujo, as a Today’s Woman?

I am a beauty and fashion entrepreneur, and the face and brain behind the RhonkeFella Brand. As a Today’s Woman, I am a strong, quiet and dogged person, especially when it comes to my brand and my vision for where I see myself. I ensure to constantly reinvent myself, I don’t fit into any box, and most importantly I stay true to myself as much as I can, because I believe it is the best gift I can ever give to myself and my world: Authenticity.


What Inspires you?

God, creativity, my environment, my personality and being my own biggest cheerleader.



A Today’s Woman is creative and inspiring, tell us about the Rhonkefella Brand and how you continue to stay ahead of your game?

The Rhonkefella Brand started out with me being a make-up artist. In 2016, I decided to venture into fashion and officially launched our first collection which was accepted much more than I had anticipated. The successful turnout and support from great women at the yard sale gave me that confidence to dream, work and aim even higher. My journey started from social media, every single person who has followed and interacted with me on social media, supported me and encouraged me with suggestions; and they continue to help me stay ahead of my game. Honestly, I can’t explain it sometimes, but I believe in a bigger authority and power; I give it all to God. I guess, when purpose meets proper planning, it births productivity.


2016, was a really successful year for your brand, what more should we expect from Ronke Adefalujo this year?

2016 was the sampling and experimenting stage for me and my brand.  For 2017, my team and I are still sticking to the plan, make more money, make better collection pieces, and just do better. I am not one to talk too much about my plans, so I don’t jinx it.


What are those lessons from your journey that you think Today’s Women can learn especially in today’s creative world?

Perseverance. Building a brand isn’t a day’s job! I have been chasing my passion since 2013, this is 2017 and honestly I am not there yet. I wish someone had told me about building a business, the lifestyle changes, letting go of certain comforts in order to build now and enjoy later. I now understand the importance of growth instead of speed.

What are some of those challenges you faced since joining the creative world of fashion?

My clothes are locally made; the stress and sometimes nightmare of working with local tailors remains my biggest challenge. I dedicate my time to oversee the overall production cycle, quality control and when you are doing a lot, it takes its toll mentally and physically, but I won’t trade the learning process for anything in the world. Greatness doesn’t come easy and I take everything as a stepping-stone.

How do you spend your downtime, families, hobbies et.al?

I am an indoor person when I am not working. I love to eat, so that means cooking with my family, watching my favourite dramas and soaps.


What would you say makes you a Today’s Woman?

Wow! What makes me a Today’s woman, is knowing deep in my heart that I can be whatever I want to be, I have the ability to be an all-round perfection. A great cook, super sexy, well informed, business minded and oriented, working career woman and more importantly a super human being to everyone I meet and interact with. No limitations.

 Lastly, what would you like to be celebrated for decades from now as a phenomenal Today’s Woman

I will want to be celebrated for how much impact I have, and will create in the life of people, particularly women both young and old, I want them listen to my story and believe they can do it all without limitations as long as they believe and they are ready to work for it.



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