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She is one of Television’s leading ladies, a breath of fresh air and a new generation of media ladies who are not just charting new courses, but creating opportunities for young women to follow and be inspired by; by virtue of their work.

Our subject this week on Women We Love is no other than former Ebony Life TV’s presenter of The Crunch and director of Change Makers, Arit Okpo: A young woman who graced our screens a few years ago and continues to grow as she makes her mark in the media space. When she’s not presenting or producing TV shows, Arit Okpo writes via her platform digital Menoword, she also shares her love for late night cooking via Snap chat.

Here are excerpts from our chat with this Phenomenal Today’s Woman.


TW: Can you share a little about Arit Okpo, as a Today’s Woman?

AO: I am a Media Services Provider, meaning that I am a Producer, Presenter, Event Host, Writer and Voice Over person (among others). Those are the things I do, all in different ways related to the media. As an individual, I am a woman who is in the process of revealing and living my most authentic, most beautiful life.


TW: What inspires a woman like Arit Okpo?

AO: I am inspired by the knowledge that there is more: more knowledge than I have discovered, more heights than I have achieved and more doors than I have walked through. I see women who have broken barriers into uncharted territories and succeeded, and I am reminded that the things I dream of are possible



TW: You made quite a leap from being a school administrator to the spotlight as one of TV’s leading ladies on Ebony Life TV, can you share a little about the transition?

AO: Hmmm. It was both easy and difficult to make that transition. On one level, I had started to realize that I was ready for a change in my career, although I was sure it would still be in education somehow. When the call came from Ms. Abudu, I realized it was what I had been waiting for and made the shift…and that’s when the work began. I had to learn on the job, adapt what I was learning to my reality and produce high quality content – that was the hard part. It was however immensely rewarding, and I am grateful that Ms. Abudu realized I had what it took to jump in at the deep end, and come through swimming strong.


TW: What do you think aspiring young women can learn from your story?

AO: That life can be unexpected, and that it is in the unpredictable that we often find the sweetest results. I would say; don’t be afraid to make unexpected decisions; don’t be afraid to go off the path you have outlined for yourself. Sometimes the best destinations are down the roads you didn’t plan to take


TW: Your shows the Crunch and Change makers were major hits on the network and now that you have moved on, what’s next for Arit Okpo in media space?

AO: I am in the process of creating my own media services company. It will take all the things I love to do and combine them with the flexibility and newness of a broader scope. I am also finding an unexpected return to writing, which kind of took a backseat when I started producing and presenting. In the spirit of accepting the unexpected, I’m also getting back into my writing flow


TW: What are some of the challenges specific to your field?

AO: I would say that it is important to constantly reinvent yourself. I don’t mean that you should become someone new every 2 months, but you need to look at the work that you are doing and ask yourself how you can make it better, different, more engaging. You cannot be complacent when you work in the media industry. Another challenge is realizing that even though there are often people willing to help you, you need to make the effort to look for the opportunities, grab hold of them and make them work


TW: How do you spend your downtime, family, hobbies and so on?

AO: I love to read! So you will often catch me with a novel by my side while I play Blossom Saga at the same time. I also enjoy hanging out with my small but super special circle of friends


TW: What would you say makes you a Today’s Woman?arit4

AO: I am living in a world that is constantly changing. I navigate those changes while also remaining true to myself and my course. I recognize that there are new and unexpected doors opening up every day, and I make the brave choices that lead me through those doors into new and beautiful worlds. I live in the present with my eye on the future; that makes me a Today’s Woman


TW: Lastly, what would you like to be celebrated for decades from now as a phenomenal Today’s Woman?

AO: I would like to be celebrated as a woman who took all the chances, who put in the work and who enjoyed the rewards. I want to be remembered as a woman who was brave, ambitious and honest. I want to be able to say that I not only lived my life, but that I lived it in beautiful, unapologetic colour.



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