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Our woman crush this week is Oluwatosin Agboola of The Wardrobe Manager. Tosin is the brains behind TWM, Nigeria’s foremost bridal styling company. Wardrobe styling is important for anybody who wants to look their best with the help of a professional…how much more a bride, on the most important day of her life? TWM has carved a niche for itself in the booming wedding industry to cater for discerning brides that want to look good.


Oluwatosin Agboola is the Creative Director of The Wardrobe Manager. She holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Imperial College London and a degree in Economics from the University of Sheffield. She also worked in the financial industry for three (3) yearImage-10s.

She understands the intricacies of planning a bride’s wedding wardrobe, and every girl’s dream of looking and feeling like a princess while walking the aisle on her big day. With her expertise and experience gleaned from working with different brides, she volunteered to be a fairy god mother (because every princess needs a fairy god mother). You only have to sit; nod yes or no and watch your dream wedding come to fulfillment at the wave of her magic wand.

Read the full interview below:


TW: What is The Wardrobe Manager?

TWM: The Wardrobe Manager is Nigeria’s premier bridal styling company and we strive to offer not only the perfect wardrobe but a convenient and reliable shopping experience for brides. We lend our expertise and passion for bridal fashion to each bride we have the pleasure of styling. We also create the bride’s preferred bridal look turning her wedding wardrobe into a powerful expression of her personality and style.


 TW: Can you give us a brief bio of The Wardrobe Manager activities?

TWM: We strive to offer brides an ultimate fashion experience when it comes to her journey to becoming a ‘Mrs’. Right from her pre wedding shoots, to her bridal shower, pre wedding party, court wedding, traditional wedding and ultimately her wedding day – TWM is available at every step to guide her and ensure that she makes the right choices. From our initial consultation, we explore the looks our bride has always pictured for her wedding and provide expert advice where need be to help her understand her style. In preparing for her events, we provide an array of suitable options which reflect both her personal style and meet her budget. Where her outfit is bespoke, we go a step further by sourcing and liaising with the appropriate designer who will be able to execute the job without compromising her style or budget. We assist in recommending and coordinating her ‘glam team’– the make up artists and hairstylists- in order to take the burden off her and also to ensure that she’s always able to step out with her best foot forward. In selecting her wedding dress, we remain hands on by attending bridal consultations with our bride and being available to answer questions to ensure that she doesn’t just say yes to the dress– but yes to the right dress! From the initial consultation to the final dress fittings and also on her wedding day- TWM will be there to ensure all her needs are met and that she looks perfect on her big day. Our services are also available to the Bridal Party, Mother of the Bride.


TW: What informed the need to start this outfit?

TWM: Wedding planning is an overwhelming process which usually doesn’t enable a bride to find the time to explore the options available to her in terms of selecting her outfits. This is further compounded when a bride is very particular in terms of her taste or for instance, has a large bridal party which she needs to coordinate, as she would need to consider a number of factors in selecting the style of their dresses and accessories and at the same time, ensuring she stays within their budget. For this reason, we spotted the need for a bridal stylist- one who would be able to take the burden off her and who she can trust with the task of overseeing and coordinating her wardrobe and that of her groom, mother or bridal party whilst she’s able to focus on other important things. With TWM, a bride will be provided with guidance to ensure her personality is expressed through her style. A bride will have assurance that there’s someone in charge of her look, who is making sure that all details are accounted for. She has that extra peace of mind that a fashion emergency is not going to impact her big day and she’s at her very best.


TW: How would you describe your brand?

TWM: Sophisticated, transparent and reliable.


 TW: What are the challenges of a bridal styling company?

TWM: With a limited marketing and advertising budget, it has been very difficult to reach a wider audience and create more awareness. This has made the company rely more on social media marketing, referrals and word of mouth marketing. So far, it has worked well for me as I continue to expand the business. However, I still need to invest more in advertising and marketing the company.


TW: What makes The Wardrobe Manager unique?

TWM: Firstly, it is the first of its kind in Nigeria. My knowledge and appreciation for wedding garments, I know how to make a bride look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. We also help brides save significant amounts of time and energy during the wedding planning process.


TW: Who are The Wardrobe Managers favourite designer(s)?

TWM: Nigeria – Toju Foyeh and Mai Atafo

Foreign – I like Romona Keveza and Galia Lahav a lot!


TW: Is The Wardrobe Manager involved in creative styling of all bridal outfits?

TWM: Yes, but with an infusion of their personality, style and what they have always dreamed of looking like on their wedding day.


TW:How would you describe your creativity and style?

TWM: Elegant, chic and feminine. I find myself picking pieces with detail and structure.Image


TW: Best bridal store(s) to shop at?

TWM: Nigeria – LoveTims, Imani Swank and Elizabeth and Lace bridal.

Foreign – Kleinfeld, David’s Bridal


TW: Whats the favorite thing about being an integral part of a brides big day?

TWM: By being a part of a bride’s big day- I’m able to gain fulfillment and satisfaction knowing that my bride feels 100% confident walking up that aisle. Knowing that she looks amazing and is able to feel the love and adoration from her husband to be. There’s also the excitement that comes with a job well done and the appreciation that comes from a bride is also magical and unexplainable. Best of all, I love that my job lets me develop new relationships as I’ve gone on to become very good friends with most of my brides even after their wedding.


TW: Working with brides can be a herculean task, as its almost impossible to satisfy most brides when it comes to their “big day”. How are you able to manage their nerves and all the drama that comes with helping her achieve the wedding of her dreams?

TWM: I havImage-5e learnt to listen, pay very good attention, communicate and most of all be extremely patient with brides as patience is key! I totally understand it is a day they have always dreamt, and as their happiness is my ultimate objective, I always ensure I take on-board their decisions but also ensure I provide my honest opinion.


 TW: Is there a market for the bridal industry in Nigeria?

TWM: Yes, definitely. We have an array of bespoke wedding dress designers and bridal salons who are fast gaining momentum. We also have a growing market of suppliers who provide bridal fashion

accessories. I believe Nigeria will get to a point where brides no longer have to fly abroad to search for their wedding dresses and other fashion elements.


TW: What are The Wardrobe Manager plans for the new year?

TWM: I intend to do a very good job for my current clients and expand.


 TW: What advice do you have for bridal styling companies and those looking to explore the bridal styling terrain?

TWM: Never give up. Make a plan, write it down, strategize and take actions, don’t just dream it, DO IT and everything will come to place one at a time.


TW: What is your take-home tip for brides and bridesmaids this season?

TWM: Be original! You do not always have to follow current trends. Make a budget, stick to it and plan your wedding wardrobe accordingly.


You can follow Tosin @TheWardrobeManager on Instagram.

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