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I have started this piece a hundred times in my head and it has proven very difficult to capture my emotions, as 2017 begins. But then, writing this has been difficult because I am concerned about a number of things, chief of which is my motive. Questioning my motive tied my tongue. Am I sharing genuine content, or simply testing my ‘celebrity’ by the number of likes and shares my content receives? 

You see these days you can’t be too sure. I will explain.

Many who know me would have heard me say I have been pulled into social medial literally screaming. It’s one platform I had to enter by force and by fire because of the nature of my job, or so I was told…That world of insta everything.  And so it was that in the last quarter of 2016 I was personally more active on social media than I had ever been. So, as an example, in a few short months with about 40 posts on my personal instagram page I have just a little under 3k followers.  I know how much pain it has been to share personal posts, especially because I found that on these platforms, people share even the most inane personal detail with a virtual crowd. Why should anyone in that large mass you can’t see care that you just woke up this morning for example? As it turns out, they do care, because I have seen people with hundreds of thousands of followers who post what I consider to be rubbish. I just wonder how many waking hours they spend on social media, if they have a life at all, are they truly adding value to the world or are they only producing ‘likes’. I find it to be such an unreal world in which one can easily get lost.

Anyway, people have assured me that it would be an easier ride if I ‘hired’ someone to do this on my behalf, as it would increase my chances of building up my following so I am more ‘marketable’. This they say is tied to how often I post and how many likes and shares I get.

So what’s wrong with that you might say? After all, like my friend and aburo Ebun says I am not one to shy away from sharing because I do so quite freely and openly in my column in TW-Truth Be Told and in my corner on TW’s website. But you see therein lies my dilemma. Same Ebun drew my attention to a telling media report which says people get a dopamine rush from social media; the same dopamine kick we get from exercise,alcohol, a hug or gambling. With more likes, comments and shares users quickly become inexorably addicted to that high. It was at this point that I realised that I was indeed at risk of becoming addicted to social media, and I wasnt too happy about it. I was scared that I may become infected with what I have christened ‘likeolaria’ which losely translated means, addiction to likes. I had gotten to a point where I would constantly steal glances at my phone to ‘monitor’ the likes and shares. Heh wahala don burst.

However rest assured that tw remains that women’s lifestyle magazine that is not afraid to feature God and Glamour, because we are all about Body Mind and Soul. Promise. Even as we embrace the digital world in our tenth year, we will not compromise this direction. 
This year:
Expect our compendium of 100 inspiring women in print and digital format. 
Expect quarterly masterclasses. Expect the tw awards of excellence, finally. 
Expect more tweets, Facebook live conversations, instagram posts and tw digital monthly editions as well as our new fare, the TW On The Go newsletter.

01/01/2017 was the first day of the first week of the first month so clearly it’s going to be a year of firsts. For tw we will only be solidifying the first that we are… the number 1 glamorous yet wholesome lifestyle magazine for today’s woman and her family.
Let’s do this together.
And as you like and share the content you receive from us, know that it’s well thought out and coming straight from the heart. Of this I am certian.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe
Publisher- TW Magazine.
Image credit: newyear2017.iwishyouthesame.com

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