RoadChef Burger Tasting – Texas in One Bite by Favor Olugu

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I was super excited as soon as I hit the refresh button and saw the invite to the RoadChef Burger tasting event sitting pretty in my inbox. Fooood! My heart leaped. As a frequenter of the relatively new burger place, I had no doubt that their new Wild West burgers would bring me to my knees in a divine foodgasm.

I arrived Road Chef with my inner cowboy and plus one ready to devour those burgers. We were directed to the upstairs area were we met with other bloggers and media reps who were attending the event. First we were served, what the waiter called Prawn Poppers, which was giant prawns wrapped in noodles served with two different sauce dressings and a cup of Margarita Slush. I took to dips, one in the first sauce and the other in the second and into my mouth and unsurprisingly, this beautiful pastry dish didn’t really appeal to my taste buds as much as I thought it would but I chalked it up to the fact that I’m not much of a noodle fan.


A few minutes later, the moment I was waiting for had arrived, more like the burgers I was waiting for had arrived! The waiter came with one medium sized burger divided into two halves, one half was the Mexican Standoff Burger while the other was the Texas Ranger Burger. As I started off with the former, I felt my taste buds explode as the flavors from the guacamole, beef, pickles and whatever secret ingredients hit my tongue. #nomnomnom. Next up, was the Texas Ranger which already had a savoury aroma thanks to the combination of beef and bacon. If I hadn’t already had a foodgasm with the Mexican Standoff, the Texas Ranger was a homerun. Juicy and meaty as a burger should be, I took my time chewing just so I wouldn’t finish it all at once. When the host asked me which of the two I preferred, I was at a loss for words, I enjoyed both burgers almost equally. Though I told him the Texas Ranger Burger was Favor’s fav – see what I did there- winning only by a narrow strip of bacon, I’ll definitely be coming back for more of those two.


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