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Let’s be clear: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump may be good at sitting in the boardroom of Trump Tower, but certainly not in the Oval office as President of the United States of America. Without mincing words, he is a bully, sexist and a very dangerous individual. Yet, he is leading in the polls. My heart truly weeps for America. As a writer, the media should completely change the way Trump is reflected and show everyone exactly who he is.

There has been no shortage of his outrageous and derogatory comments about women, minorities and immigrants. By now, we all should know what his campaign really represents. Personally, I wouldn’t interview Trump, even if I was offered a million bucks. He has belligerently slammed interviewers every time he opens his mouth to speak with them. This is the same man that considers himself to be accurate about everything he talks about, without room for criticism or debate. In fact, the word ‘wrong’ isn’t in Trump’s vocabulary. In this day and age, does America really need a bully as leader?

I’m not a politician by any means, but I know that you can’t just walk into a room and start making arrogant demands. It just doesn’t work! Trump has zero experience when it comes to politics or any sort of government job. And contrary to what some people think, that is in fact, a bad thing. Trump doesn’t fully understand what Capitol Hill is about. He simply doesn’t listen to anyone and could care less about what matters to people. Just how would he make things work? Like most people, I am yet to see his comprehensive plans of his would-be presidency in substantial detail. So far, the only “plan” he has mentioned is to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

His brash personality can only take him so far in American politics. Yes, his numbers may appear good right now; a Trump fatigue will inevitably set in and crumble those figures. Already, his electability and favorability rating are getting low. Hopefully, they will just continue to drop. However, while he has every right to keep sharing his opinions, Americans (and the rest of the world) would be better off tuning him out completely.

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