Embracing Parenthood: The Dramatic Life Makeover That Occurs When A Bundle of Joy Arrives.

Home Family Embracing Parenthood: The Dramatic Life Makeover That Occurs When A Bundle of Joy Arrives.

Mother kissing and hugging baby

The dramatic life makeover that occurs when a screaming, crying bundle of joy arrives.

By Ope L. Akinyemi

When I decided to get married and have kids, I knew my entire life would be changed forever. And I was ready. Ready to give up days spent in a bikini soaking up the rays and sipping pina coladas or just simply watching a bit of crap daytime weekend television. After two babies, it was harder and harder to keep the weight off naturally. I never wanted to force it. So I decided to accept my new weight, knowing many more changes would follow.

Of course, some were more welcomed than others. What I would consider as a nightmare such as a trip to the dentist for a root canal treatment as a single, child-free woman have now been replaced with a great excuse for a lie down. I still miss, more than anything, the short walk to the store to buy milk, for example. Just what I want – head out, walk a short distance, buy milk, come home. Job done.

Now? It starts with major tantrums as I ask my 3 1/2 year old son to put on some shoes. Since he’s feeling lazy and doesn’t want to wear shoes, there’s a standoff as I insist some sort of footwear is necessary. Minutes later, he appears at the door ready to go out in full Spiderman costume, and then insists on taking his Spiderman bike. I agree. But two minutes later, my son gives up on his bike and I end up carrying it along with my shopping bag. Then I stop every 5 meters to examine a crack or something in the pavement. What would have been a short walk would turn out to be very long. Then I’d wish I’d just ordered enough milk online.

For the most part, though, parenting provides incomparable rewards as I have a direct hand in shaping the lives of my children. From forming a bond to influencing their lives, I know for sure that I have something (or people) to focus on other than myself and I am never bored! The transition of becoming a mommy can be dizzying, but it doesn’t need to be terrifying. With a little patience with myself and whole lot of love for my kids, things have their own natural way of working out. And it just so happens to be even more rewarding and overflowing with love than I could ever imagine.

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