The age of possibilities is upon us. It is the age of “Mzz amazing” “Mzz Do it all” “Mzz Superwoman” “Mzz Independent” “Mzz Many hats wear them all” “Mzz One life Live them all” with this incredible age of possibilities, it isn’t so farfetched to think that we would experience bouts of fatigue and severe aches. Even superman gets weak sometimes. (ssshhhhh, don’t let the kids hear that)

Over the past couple of months, I have been experiencing extreme cases of chronic fatigue. It has nothing to do with my irregular sleeping pattern or the hassle of daily living, neither is it as a result of my hectic schedule. I know this because my boss is a wife and a super mom of three, which she combines with her day job of running her super busy business whilst doing some underground jewelry hustle at night. She wears all of these hats equally staying on top of her game most of the time functioning on little or no more than a measly five hour sleep (between you and me, I don’t know how she does it either). And all I have to show for my “youth” is prolonged bouts of fatigue and aches all over my body.

This prompted me to dig deeper and get to the root of my problems. I ruled out Mylagic encephalopathy (ME) also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as this only affects persons in their 30’s. After days of research, I finally agreed on a syndrome that fit all the symptoms I exhibited

If you are always tired, you feel the need to sleep always, experience reduced energy levels, muscle weaknesses, dizziness, palpitations, severe headaches, memory loss none of which is cured by adequate sleep or rest then we are in the same boat. We are experiencing what scientists have termed TIRED ALL THE TIME SYNDROME.

Research shows that this syndrome is becoming increasingly common; steps are being made to recognize fatigue as a real problem that needs to be treated. It has been discovered that there are several people experiencing this syndrome especially those living in urban cities.

Common causes of this syndrome include:

• Sedentary lifestyle
• Stress
• Insomnia
• Dehydration
• Improper diet

Common ways to combat this syndrome is by;

• For those who sit on a chair working on their computers for long hours or spend prolonged hours in front of a TV, schedule breaks away from the computer or TV over time.
• De-stress. Do what makes you happy, workout, sign up for yoga classes.
• Switch off your phone and get extra sleep. Trust me your system doesn’t shut down completely when your phone is awake right next to you as you sleep. *The new problems that come with the digital age.
• Hydrate your body. Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue which can lead to severe headache and mental exhaustion. Reduced water levels in humans’ decreases volume of blood.
• Energize your body with proper balanced diet at regular Intervals. Fuel up with healthy snacks on the go.

You can only give as good as you get; if you can’t count on your energy you are as good as useless. Focus on you, get those energy levels up then go on ahead and save the world super woman.

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