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Is there ever a right time to break up or was this just plain insensitive? There are sometimes you look back at a break-up or past relationship and you can confidently say “he wasn’t man enough for me”. This is a classic case of it.

I had been dating my BF for over 6 months before we started having issues. We were good friends for years before we decided to become lovers. Well, it turns out we were two different people and both blind to each others efforts in the relationship. He never called enough or at the right time. He ended up being less of a mystery and more like Mr. Boring. He was a cross between Mr. Busy, Mr.Tired & Mr.Unavailable. He wanted to love me his way and I just was not happy with him. He on the other hand felt I wasn’t patient enough and felt under pressure to be this “man-in-my-head” as he called it.
We didn’t speak to each other for almost three weeks and were slowly drifting apart but no one wanted to be first to do it…until one day.
My apartment was broken into while I was asleep and I woke up with an eerie feeling only to find out I had been robbed. My living room had been turned upside down. I panicked as I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I remembered hearing a strange sound while I was asleep but paid no attention to it. The thieves had come in through the window at night!!! As a single lady who lives alone, I Instinctively called my boyfriend with fear in my voice the next morning explaining what had happened but home boy was cold as ice. He certainly was not running to my aid and I guess it was at that point I knew breaking up was the right idea. No call, no how are you texts or visit!

Two days after the robbery, I sent him a message saying we needed to talk (after replaying his coldness in my head over and over ), he agreed and that was it. We had a long conversation about where our dead end relationship was and ended it over the phone. I was even more devastated! I didn’t expect that the timing would be so soon after what had happened to me. Whilst I didn’t expect a romantic revival to our relationship, I wasn’t ready for him to be so cold and I expected the friend in him to take precedence.

Should he have been more sensitive and waited a while or am I being too emotional and caught up in my own feelings? is there never a right time to break up?

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