What Would You Do If This Happened To You? (Jennifer’s Story)

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Image Credit: www.obgynindiana.com
Image Credit: www.obgynindiana.com

By Dara Rhodes

Yesterday, I attended second mass and as I stepped out of the church hall, the heat slapped me hard across my face! There and then, I closed my eyes and wished I had a car instead of the Keke Napep I was about to enter.

As I opened my eyes, a suave black tinted SUV drove out of the church gate and my mouth dropped, I couldn’t believe who was in it! You see, the handsome young man behind the wheels was the very same guy that proposed to me about six years ago and who I blatantly declined. Don’t get me wrong, he had always been well to do but back then I was just a youngin’ who wanted to go to school.

Back to my story…to add kerosene to the fire, sitting in the front of the sleek SUV smiling happily was his beautiful wife and in the back seat were their two children; a boy and a girl.

I cried, “Oh Lord, why?” and hid my head in embarrassment.

What were the chances though? What were the chances that just as I wished I had a car, a man that proposed to me and I rejected, drove past in a chilled shining black SUV?

If this happened to you, what would you do?





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