10 things I Wish I Had Known When I Turned 21

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By Dara Rhodes

I remember “singing 21 and invincible” at 12 am on the morning of my 21st birthday and meaning every single word I sang. That year was amazing and if there was anything I wish I had known and could tell any current 21 year old, here there are:

1) Don’t take yourself too seriously: Trust me, life will get very serious as you age. Laugh at yourself and your mistakes, nothing at this age is ever really that serious.

2) Live in the moment: 21 is a beautiful age, enjoy every second of it.

3) You will be fine: Yes, you will be fine eventually. Life is full of ups and downs, a down doesn’t mean the end, it’s just part of the cycle.

4) Don’t compare yourself to anybody else: It’s so easy to compare yourself to other people at 21, especially other people your age but stop yourself before you do. Don’t compare your backstage with someone’s highlights.

5) It’s okay not knowing everything: Embrace not knowing what is going to happen next year or when you graduate. Many thirty year olds still don’t know what they are doing with their lives or what they really want!

6) People come and people go: Knowing this would have saved me so much friends drama. Learn that your friends that you absolutely cannot live without out now are just that. Friends you absolutely cannot live without NOW. Operative word? NOW.

7) No kobo is too small to be saved: Many thirty year olds will agree with me on this one. Start saving! Save every penny you can save now, trust me, it will save you.

8) Date more nerds and less bad boys: The nerds grow up to become the CEO’s of Facebook and twitter, and the bad boys grow up to be bad men. Enough said.

9) Remain a virgin till you get married: In Nigeria, depending on the man you marry, there is a respect that will be if your husband deflowers you. Try your best to keep your pride till your wedding night.

10) Become financially independent as fast as you can: Simple.

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