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Written by Oma Ehiri,

EME boss, Banky W left the shores of the nation for a little while last year. During that time, he was at the New York Film Academy building up his resume by taking a course in directing. Upon return, he released the video for one of his singles, Mercy, which was in his last album, R&BW. In 2 weeks, the video has gathered over 56,000 views on You Tube.

This week, he released two more videos, “Low Key” which he tweeted about saying, ‘I directed this halfway through film school’ and “Unborn Child”.

Both tracks are from his R&BW album. The videos were directed by Banky W, though he says “Unborn Child” was co-directed with Jonathan Whittaker.

Unborn Child features rapper Lynxxx and tells the story of a policeman who has just been told by his girlfriend, fiancée or wife (role not defined) that she is pregnant. I like the few minutes of suspense where the cop played by Banky, acted like he wasn’t thrilled which could have given any girl jitters. Unfortunately he dies in the line of duty but had written a letter to his unborn child not knowing what tragic fate awaited him.

I felt like I was watching an actual movie especially since I saw it for the first time at the cinemas. Good acting by the cast, great story line, lovely scene!

Lowkey featured Banky as the lover boy with Tanzanian super model, Millen Magese starring as his leading lady. There was a lot of chemistry between her and Banky, but I guess that is the kind of effect Banky has on the ladies. Millen also pulls her weight as a good actress.

The scenes were carefully selected to portray the love between the two characters.

What Do You Think About Banky W’s Music Videos? Has He Done A Good Job As A Director?

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