5 Important Reasons Why Every 18 Year Old Should Vote This Year

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written by Dara Rhodes,

Young people all over the world occupy the most prominent position in the society. Young people in Nigeria? Well, you occupy more than the most prominent position in society, you have to re-build our country. It is more than your responsibility, it’s your mandate. Politicians may have the fiscal power but you have ultimate power. As the elections are merely weeks away, here are some reasons why you must ensure you are on the voting queues this year.


1) It’s your realest voice. Use it.

You are 18 years old and can, so vote! Find out what you need to do to vote and do it! Twitter is great for voicing your opinions. And so are Facebook and Instagram and whatever other social media you are on. You love it, I love it and we love it. But, all your opinions, vast political knowledge and advice mean nothing if on the day Nigeria decides, you are tweeting who you want in power from your bed and not casting your vote in a ballot box.


2) The economic policies affect your future.

Whose futures will all the economic and social policies the new government make affect the most? Yup, you guessed right. You. In every country in the world, all the decisions made by the government affect the youth the most. Every time and every where, Nigeria is not an exception. If you don’t vote and a government you don’t want, gets into power and doesn’t invest in the educational system, our barely functioning educational system will deteriorate even further, making education for your children in the future even worse than it is for you now. I’m sure you don’t want that.


3) Young people have an important voting bloc.

The youth can swing election results. Whether or not you believe it, your vote matters and will count. Dramatically. Out of Nigeria’s estimated 170 million people, young people account for over 43 percent of the population. Think about what could happen if everyone you know your age joins the queues. Think about what could happen if every single person in every single university in Nigeria joined the queues. Think about it.


4) You will bear the brunt of a bad government.

If the new government is a dictatorial government that decides to kill all first born children born in the next 25 five years, if you are 18 years old now, you will most likely have your children in those years and they will be born under that law. Okay, maybe thats a tad bit dramatic but I’m sure you get the picture. If you are 18 years old now and you don’t vote and we get a bad government, you will bear the brunt of that government. Simple.


5) You can complain on twitter with integrity.

Young people love ranting. What I’m I saying? Old people love ranting too. Everybody loves ranting but how can you rant if you had a chance to solve the problem and you didn’t do anything? If you voted for a particular government and the government fails you, then go ahead and fill all our twitter timelines with your rant raves. But, if you were tweeting from your bed on the election day, when the new government messes up beyond repair, make sure your twitter head is buried deep in the sand because you have no right, and I mean NO RIGHT to rant! Thank you and happy queuing on the election day!

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