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My husband worked in the banking industry for many years. Yet, his employer didn’t really respect his home life and family – just like thousands of bank employees in Nigeria. While the salary was good, the stress wasn’t funny! Truth be told, a person can only be productive for a certain amount of hours each day. Anything after that is just play, in my opinion. Therefore when I eventually start my own company, I would totally discourage my employees from staying at the office for more than 70 or 80 hours per week. In doing so, I believe I can get more out of them and may not even lose them to other companies.

Thankfully, my job gives me the opportunity to de-stress and refresh every night when I get home at 5:30pm. There’s absolutely nothing like providing a culture that gives employees room to be creative, take initiatives and excel in their careers. Forget the “cheap” perks such as casual Fridays or free pizza and drinks. Instead a lot of employers need to create an environment for their employees to enjoy a culture that truly respects people as human beings who want more than just work. On a personal level, I’m presently juggling my kid and career. Separating home life and work can be hard, as I’ve realized that it creates stress. So, I integrate both sometimes. And it has worked out perfectly for me. Luckily, my employer is more focused on results and achieving goals rather than some ridiculous amount of hours worked in the office.

Speaking of which, I decided I would bring my son to work with me a couple of weeks ago and he absolutely enjoyed himself. Work is fun when I can mix business with pleasure. Letting my son know what I do at work and including him when possible not only makes him feel special but gives him a great visual of what mom’s professional tasks look like. Who says working shouldn’t be sweet?


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